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ShootingTracker.com shows 23 mass shootings in Illinois thus far in 2015



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CHICAGO – If you're feeling safe because there's been no "mass shootings" as dramatic as the one Wednesday in San Bernardino, California or the one in Colorado Springs the week before, you're simply not informed about how violent the state of Illinois has been in 2015. 

Data from shootingtracker.com shows that according to the Reddit group that maintains the information, there have been 23 mass shootings in Illinois in 2015 alone. Shootingtracker.com defines mass shootings as incidents when at least four people are killed or wounded, including the gunman.

A map (above) showing the location of the shootings was produced by PBS Newshour. The list of Illinois mass shootings – of which the vast majority happened in Chicago – their dates, the number killed and injured, and the known shooters' names – is as follows: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.23.45 PM


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