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Conservative PAC refuses to endorse Congressmen Roskam, Shimkus, Davis, Kinzinger




CHICAGO – Family-Pac Federal, the largest Illinois pro-family conservative political action committee, today announced “no endorsements” for the following “conservative” Illinois GOP Congressmen who recently voted for the Omnibus Appropriations Bill FY 2016.

The PAC has declined to endorse Congressman Peter Roskam, 6th district, Congressman John Shimkus, 15th district, Congressman Rodney Davis, 13th district, and Congressman Adam Kinzinger, 16th district.

Said Paul Caprio, Director, “The recent vote in favor of the 2016 Omnibus Budget Act was a surrender by House GOP leadership and these 4 incumbents. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Family-Pac Federal supporters.”

Caprio continued, “This budget vote was a complete surrender to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid which will result in at least $130 billion in increased federal spending over the next two years. Planned Parenthood funding was actually increased while nothing was done about stopping the flow of unvetted refugees into our country in sanctuary cities which harbor them. The U.S. Constitution gives the U.S. Congress the ‘power of the purse.’ That power has been transferred to Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid by the budget capitulation of the Republican House Leadership and these members who voted for this budget busting bill.”

Said Caprio, “FPF has strongly supported the political career of Rep. Roskam for the past 24 years… as conservatives and Republicans we can do so no longer.”

“We do, however, commend Illinois House members Randy Hultgren, 14th district, and Darin LaHood, 18th district, for voting against this fiscal sell out.”

According to a press release, Family-Pac Federal is presently evaluating the positions of the GOP challengers to each of these incumbents to determine if they merit endorsement. The organization claims it has provided financial support in excess of $800,000 to many GOP conservative House and Senate candidates.


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  1. Around the same time that the Omnibus bill was passed in December of 2015, the so-called bi-partisan school reform bill (S 1177) was passed, which kept in place federal control of the schools and Common Core. All 8 Republican U.S. representatives voted for the bill! Even Obama was surprised how he got all he wanted, and then some. Lamar Alexander deserves much scorn. U.S. congressman Paul Ryan promised then Secretary of Education, Arnie Ducan, that the bill would pass in the House. Ryan can’t be trusted any more than Boehner cold!

  2. How bad does it have to get before we vote out the incumbents? Unfortunately, the candidate against Kinzinger was tossed from the ballot. I hope he and Dold get a third party challenge so we can register our disgust. No, they aren’t any better than the Democrats. This budget gave everything Obama, Reid and Pelosi wanted. Unfortunately, too many voters don’t know the Constitution and think that by voting for Trump or Cruz, that’s all that needs to be done. Congress can tame any President and the Supreme Court. But we keep reelecting the same old band of crooks.

  3. I’ve been told there was some good items in the omnibus & have no reason to doubt that. However, we have a lawless president. When the administration (President Obama, Attorney General and the Washington bureaucracy) use executive orders / presidential directives, memorandum or innuendos to choose which laws to enforce, which laws to ignore and which laws to re-write, Congress becomes irrelevant. What makes anything think that Obama will enforce any of the new good rules that were put into the omnibus? When Congress gave up the impeachment and power of the purse they gave up their leverage.
    We should all consider credible Republican challengers.
    No, I’m not endorsing anyone yet.