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Five questions 2016 Presidential Candidates Should Answer




  • Who was responsible for the rise of the Islamic State?
  • Do you believe that the Supreme Court correctly struck down state bans on gay marriage this year in Obergefell v. Hodges?
  • What should parents be entitled to, and what are they responsible for, when it comes to their child’s education?
  • Under your administration, will the Department of Education use school choice as an incentive or as a sanction? 
  • Does the United States have an interest in the outcome in Syria?

Five questions among many others that the American Enterprise Institute's stellar group of policy experts believe every presidential candidate should be able and willing to answer in 2016.

Other questions are on foreign policy in China, Southeast Asia, Iran, Syria and elsewhere. 

Still others focus on domestic policies such as education, the Supreme Court, trade, school choice and executive powers. 

The 2016 election will be fought among senators, governors, doctors, businessmen, and a former secretary of state. It has been decades since there have been so many qualified candidates and such ideological diversity. To help presidential candidates crystallize their thinking on the issues of the day, AEI has launched an AEIdeas blog series, in which each post outlines five questions on one of the many major challenges a new president can expect to face at home or abroad. The answers to these questions will elucidate candidates’ views and might even help them and their advisers craft strategies to prepare for day one of the new administration.

AEI's questions demand pain-staking detail and an immense amount of thought – and American voters should demand answers before casting their votes in upcoming caucuses and primaries. 

Where does your favorite presidential stand on the issues? Do you agree or disagree with that stand? 

And while you're at it, why not ask your congressional candidates their positions on these issues? Isn't it time that we demand more expertise and information from our federal candidates?

Check out AEI's "5 Questions the 2016 Candidates Must Be Prepared to Answer to Lead


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