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Rhoads: Phony Theatrics at the White House on Guns



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By Mark Rhoads - 

President Obama announced on Jan. 5 that he would use an Executive Order to require that any gun sold by a private seller at a gun show would be subject to a background check. I don't belong to the NRA and I don't own any firearm. I have not fired a rifle or pistol since I was in the Army more than 42 years ago.

But I support the Second Amendment which is clear and the right of individual ownership of guns was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008).

President Obama said his Executive Action would "save lives."  But he did not cite a case of any life that would have been saved because someone purchased a gun at a gun show and then used it to take the life of another citizen.

So what is the point of his theatrics about gun shows? It looks like a solution in search of a problem to me.  


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  1. You are asking me to prove what Obama says is true when he offers no proof himself? He’s got hundreds of high paid staff to do research for him plus the whole Justice Department so if gun show sales are a problem, let him do more than just make an empty claim but offer some hard data.

  2. Crocodile tears. Not one of his anti-constitutional notions would have saved anybody.
    Amazing how people lose sight of the fact that criminals really don’t give a flying fig about rules and regulations. By definition, lawbreakers break the law.

  3. “…he’s reminding folks how they should feel ….”
    Well if that isn’t one of the single most totalitarian statements I’ve ever read …..
    Now he thinks – or at least you think – he needs to remind us how we should feel?
    Tell me, fascist no really, when can we expect the cattle cars to roll up for us to board? And how should we feel when we see those approaching, you know, cuz I probably wouldn’t know how to feel unless instructed by yourself or your gay Muslim Preezy.