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Devall: It’s about who Ben Carson is not




Dr. Ben Carson is Sheila Mullennix-Devall's pick among the 2016 GOP presidential candidates and her support for the good doctor is based on what he is not, she says in a post on her blog Diary of a Mad Conservative.

Ben Carson’s appeal lies in everything that he is NOT. He is not a politician. He is not a reality television star. He is not flashy, smooth, dramatic, charismatic, or shrewd. He is humble. He is strong. He is quiet. He is wise. He is a Man of God who cares little for the opinions of Men. He is the sort of President that was elected before the invention of the television.

Sheila defends Carson to his critics, who say things like …

“He’s not assertive.” “He has no foreign policy credentials.” “He has no experience.” “He’s too evangelical.” Are only a few of the sound bites you hear on the matter. Ask any of his supporters, “Carsonators” some call themselves, about these criticisms and you will get an earful!

On assertiveness: “He was plenty assertive when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 about the disaster of Obamacare just inches away from Obama himself!” On foreign policy: “He knows how to pick a cabinet!” and “Compared to who we’ve got right now, he’s Winston Churchill!” On being too evangelical: “Have you all forgotten about the 4 million evangelicals that stayed home in 2012 because Mittens’ faith cred just didn’t measure up?”

Even though polls show Dr. Carson's early popularity among GOP voters waning, the "Mad Conservative" gives reasons why there may be a reconsideration of him in the next few weeks – and why his base is so committed to Carson.

Ben Carson’s appeal does not lie in his personality. Though his quiet strength is admirable, it does not resonate on a television screen. He speaks slowly. He has an odd habit of closing his eyes while he talks. He is highly intelligent, but he does not put words together in especially clever ways. His speech is plain and unspectacular.

More about why Dr. Ben Carson is still a viable candidate for president in 2016 at Mullennix-Devall's blog. 


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  1. Another thing that Ben Carson is not is that he is not by any stretch of the imagination qualified to be President of the United States after his first campaign for office. I agree he is a nice man and he is intelligent as I hope a neurosurgeon would be. But when in his career in medicine did he have time left over to study economics, American history, the law, the constitution, foreign policy, or dozens of other topics that one should expect a candidate for president to know. It might be satisfying to say he is not a “politician” if you think that is an advantage but he is also not qualified.

  2. Well for one he spent 15+ years each on the Board of Directors at Kellogg and Costco, I would say he’s had to make more life and death decisions on the spur of the moment than all the other other candidates combined, have you noticed he refrains from getting down in the mud pits with the others, that’s because that’s not how you unite the people, something this country desperately needs, he has Integrity, Humility, is Humble and Brilliant. Only a man of strength would stand 6ft away from the POTUS and tell him what he thinks are wrong with his policies, before I would condemn him I’d read his stance on issues, Thanks https://www.bencarson.com/issues

  3. Were our early presidents “qualified”?
    Have you read any of his books about our
    nation and our government? Read his
    Books, listen to his full speeches, research
    his servanthood and leadership capabilities
    For #WethePeople.

  4. Dr. Carson has also been on the board of major corporations, Costco and Kellogg. He has run a major nonprofit foundation so has knowledge of busness and economics. He has travelled extensively and worked closely and eprsonally with people of many backgrounds. He is the ONLY candidate who has visited the refugee camps in Jordan with the Syrian refugees. He has read extensively on many things since childhood. Many of the most educated people I know have an “informal education of their own wide reading. During a few years of university you hear professors’ opinions and read what is on their syllibi. Often it only reflects a very narrow viewpoint:liberalism in various shades. History and Civics are undervalued. Dr Carson has read widely and written eight books on history and civics related issues. Most importantly, he thinks for himself and lives a life of integrity. He has risen from extreme poverty and the broken families all too common among those of his background–as well as others–to become a strong and true family man. His priorities are right.

  5. Mark you are so wrong about him. If you keep up with the news you should have already seen that Steve Forbes said that Ben Carson’s tax plan is the strongest of the bunch and that is only for starters. He is the only one running who can actually change AMerica for the better. Wake up before it’s too late and you are eating your words.

  6. Before he retired he wrote a book on American history and after he retired he wrote a book on the constitution. His tax plan is considered the best out there for economic growth, and he knows more than anyone else running about foreign policy. You really ought to read some of his books. You just might see what his carsonators see that make us such staunch believers!

  7. I disagree and encourage you to spend a little more time to discover all of his qualifications. His experience in putting together teams and budgets that put John Hopkins at the top is nothing short of amazing.
    In financial disclosure forms, Carson and his wife reported income of between $8.9 million and $27 million from January 2014 to May 3, 2015, when he announced his presidential campaign. Over that period, Carson received over $4 million from 141 paid speeches; between $1.1 million and $6 million in book royalties; between $200,000 to $2 million as a contributor to the Washington Times and Fox News; and between $2 million and $10 million as a member of the boards of Kellogg Co. and Costco Wholesale Corp. He resigned from Costco’s board in mid-2015, after serving on it for more than 16 years. Carson was Chairman of the Baltimore-based biotechnology company Vaccinogen from August 2014 until the announcement of his US Presidential bid in May 2015. Carson had previously served on Vaccinogen’s Medical Advisory Board.
    His ability to assemble successful teams, qualifying individuals is another strong points that he possesses and is a must in getting things done. He has amazing abilities in much more than just being a doctor.
    Most of all he has the ability to know the importance of being a leader and the amazing ability to stand for what is right, not just as a man of God but as a man of character. His compassion for all people regardless of race, color, religion, economic status etc. makes him an excellent choice to re-unite us as a great nation again and we need that so much right now, in my opinion.
    Get to know the man, I encourage you. Don

  8. The evil media, is going to trap themselves. It has already begun. We the people of America are finally awake. Praise God!! Thank you Dr. Carson our modern day prophet, crying in the technology age of wickedness. Big Brother is trying to control us. Take our guns and then keep us under their spell. They just murdered one of their own, and called it suicide. We are marching to a different drum. We the people will NOT bow to the idols and gods of this government, and immoral entertainment industry. We will continue to boycott their lies. We will fight back with our grassroots movement. We will take to the airwaves!! The radio stations are much more we the people friendly. We will NOW listen to the radio in our cars, at our jobs, and in our homes. We need a “we the people radio station” where people can call in and say why they will vote for Dr. Ben. We need those who will tell the truth over the airwaves. Let us not loose faith. God is using Dr. Carson to do what the pastors, and church leaders, refused to do in America. God is making us ONE!! So rejoice and bless each in Yeshua’s mighty name. Keep this movement going Carsonators.. God is leading us.

  9. Actually, I think he has come up with plenty of time to study all the things you say he didn’t. Check out his policies and listen to what he says. He doesn’t speak in generalities. He has the knowledge and plans, and is a lifetime learner and will continue to stay up on everything he needs to know to get the job done.

  10. Actually, I believe he has made the time to read and study up on all the things you mention. His policies are made with knowledge and they make sense. He is a lifetime learner and will continue to gain knowledge in all areas involved and will get the job done. Nothing can stand in his way. Thanks for your support!

  11. He had time in the books that he has written. In particular, the ones about the constitution. He’s a brilliant mind and he is a wealth of knowledge on all subjects. Not one person can know everything; but Dr. Carson has the right leadership capabilities to surround himself with the right types of personnel. Personnel who would be willing to work together towards a common goal.

  12. Have you read his books? He has an incredible knowledge of the constitution and American history. He is on and has been on the boards of several corporations. Costco and Kellogg come to mind. He had also started and run a scholarship program for students that has distributed help to thousand of children attend college as well as built reading rooms in many schools. This should qualify him in the economics category. He has visited the Middle East and met with refugees, He has gone to the Mexican border and talked with border guards. He has been to Ferguson Missouri to meet with those affected by the riots. And we can revisit his incredible intelligence and integrity which would blow all of the other candidates out of the water.
    Now consider the accomplishments of the so called politicians. Their claims to fame include being on a congress that has been a part of the problem we find ourselves in. Many are lawyers, so they are unlikely to restrict the power of other lawyers. The politicians consider their positions lifetime careers. How is that working for us?
    Ben Carson is for term limits, and returning power and accountably to the people. He has proven by his life and beginnings that he has the ability and wisdom to do this. Why don’t we try something different and elect a capable outsider who has no palms to grease.
    I suggest you go to his website and see his plan for America, and read about his accomplishments which would serve him well as the leader of the free world.