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Foster: Rubio for President



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By Howard Foster - 

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, given my years of fighting illegal immigration. But as a pragmatic moderate conservative, I have decided to vote for Marco Rubio in the Illinois primary. If Cruz or Trump were genuinely against illegal immigration and where I am on the issue, I would likely be for that man.

But all three are shameless hypocrites with histories of supporting amnesties and legalizations. None is a principled immigration restrictionist (for less legal immigration) or border enforcer (for less illegal immigration). Cruz used to say he “loved legal immigration.”  When Trump entered the race, the love faded. His conversion to immigration hawk is as insincere as Hillary’s shifting answers about her email server.

The Iowa results clearly show Rubio is electable.  He won just one point less than Trump with a smaller core following and a fraction of the buzz. He carried the important urban counties and more educated people. Ted Cruz showed strength only in the rural counties which vote heavily Republican anyway. It’s impossible to see how he could expand his base to include moderate, suburban voters in the battleground states. I can easily see Rubio doing so, as he did last night and in Florida.  And anecdotally, I’ve never met a moderate or apolitical Cruz supporter.

If Rubio now becomes the “establishment” favorite, it is only because their candidates failed so miserably and Rubio is less offensive than Cruz or Trump. But Rubio’s voting record puts him among the three most conservative senators (more than me on some things), and that convinces me he won’t be another George W. Bush.

When Cruz loses New Hampshire next week it should confirm that he is unappealing to moderates and independents, and will take the Republicans down to a massive defeat. I cannot see that happening with Marco Rubio with his pleasing persona, sharp intellect and excellent debating skills. He drew Cruz to a draw on the immigration issue, and that proved his bona fides in the heat of combat and that there is really no difference between them on my favorite issue. 

Howard Foster, a Chicago immigration attorney, is a frequent contributor to Illinois Review 


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  1. Let’s see an immigration attorney is saying he can’t believe he is endorsing Rubio? All I know is that when Donald Trump was attacking Romney for being for self-deportation and saying to “Dreamers” that “You’ve convinced me”, Cruz was leading the fight against Rubio’s “Gang of 8” bill. I don’t know who you think you are fooling, Howard, but I doubt if it is anyone on this web site. Certainly the polls don’t indicate that Cruz is any worse than Rubio against the Democrat. Immigration is the number one issue with the Trump followers and I doubt if Rubio will sell with them.

  2. So, you support the one person who WILL dedicate his term to amnesty. Oh, puuuulease. People like you are the reason why Schlafly and Palin endorsed Trump. They understood what everyone propping up Cruz were after: knocking Trump off track to slip in the guy who wants to expand every visa category to the detriment of working class voters and struggling college grads. Even then, Rubio still lost every county in Iowa except for 5. Trump brought out as many votes as Romney won in Iowa last time and half as many as Santorum. Rubio has no appeal among the voters who actually could move Iowa into the Republican column in November.

  3. You’re right though, Cruz must decide soon to NOT split his vote off from Trump any longer. He must get out before super Tuesday and endorse Trump if it appears that all they will do is split the vote, notwithstanding Cruz’s dirty tricks.

  4. A Flood of illegal immigrants into the United States is a very important concern for many conservatives. But it is not the only concern. We need a President who understands and obeys the Constitution. We need someone who understands foreign affairs and national defense. We need someone who will resist the massive over spending by the government and who will oppose the killing of unborn innocent babies. No candidate is perfect but there is a difference between someone who is an establishment candidate and a conservative who is acceptable to conservative voters. Rubio can win in the fall campaign and that is very important because unless a candidate can win, what is the point of a nominee who is the closest to you?

  5. Cruz is part of the problem, he will never get out.
    He is in the race for the same reason Rubio is – to win some primaries and keep enough delegates away from Donald Trump to allow for a brokered convention, at which time the establishment republicans will appoint Jeb.
    Cruz is a stealth candidate of the establishment – I don’t believe for a minute that he is a true Conservative. He is establishment.
    Cruz never WORKED against ANYTHING that McConnell or Boehner wanted.
    Lol service, yes.
    Work – no.
    Cruz is not to be trusted.

  6. What good is a win if you then cannot recognize your country?
    There is ABSOLUTELY no bigger concern than ILLEGAL immigration, as it has its roots in the most basic concepts of the rule of law.
    Are we a nation of laws, or are we not?
    If you are willing to give in on ILLEGAL immigration (which is, of course, a contradiction in terms) then you are willing to give in on any point.
    If you are willing to give in on ILLEGAL immigration and give in on the rule of law, you are willing to live in a lawless society.
    And I only hope you will reap what you sow, because those of us who don’t live inside gated communities will most certainly be reaping what you are sowing.