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Kirkwood: Beware of wolves among Illinois “pro-family” leadership




By James Kirkwood – 

This is Bob Vander Plaats. He's an influential conservative leader from Iowa. Trump "allegedly" tried to buy him like he "allegedly" bought Palin and Jerry Falwell Jr. Vander Plaats wasn't for sale.

In Illinois, (with few exceptions), we don't have men like Bob Vander Plaats. And a lesser Billionaire can buy them for a smaller bribe. And he has.

Politicians, talk-show hosts, pro-life leaders, even "family" leaders have soiled themselves taking hush money (donations) from Governor Rauner or his launderers.

I would be very wary with money that you donate to any group. Donate directly to crisis pregnancy centers or women's aid groups, to a family organization that you have scrutinized, to your local church (although there are even churches on the take in IL).

Treat the "charities" in Illinois like you'd treat the RNC (give to individual candidates and not the group). Ask yourself why these pro-life entities were so silent on the most pro-choice governor that we've ever had.

Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves for the wolves march next to us in the March for Life, they sit next to us at our pro-life conferences, they even lead some of the groups that we thought were pure as snow.

And pray that men like Bob Vander Plaats will rise up in Illinois.

James Kirkwood is Associate Director at Christian Emergency League and Pastor of Grace Gospel Fellowship in Bensenville.


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