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Gutierrez says he’s for doubling $15 minimum wage Update: Oops, no he’s JK



UPDATE x1: Doug Rivlin, Mr. Gutierrez' spokesman says the Congressman was just kidding <JK> and conservatives can't get jokes. (See his unsolicited comment below

LAS VEGAS – “$15 an hour, I like that, that’s good. That’s good stuff, you know, so tomorrow I say –hey wait a minute, it should be $30 an hour – are you all going to vote for me?” Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL-04) says, meeting with Latino restaurant staffers in Las Vegas.

But the federal minimum wage should be double that. Oh man, he is for that, Gutierrez says on an MRC Tv video clip.

“You say, ‘c’mon Gutierrez ain’t nobody’ – but that’s my point. I mean you could take this to a point in which you go ‘really? – but we can’t do it.' Should it be a goal? Oh, man, I am for that goal. I’m for a goal that everybody gets health care. I’m for a goal that everybody gets to go to college regardless of their income. And Latinos more than anyone else know that,” Gutierrez says.


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  1. By looking at part of, but not all of, the criticism Rep. Gutierrez made of the many outlandish promises of candidates on the campaign trail — and specifically his criticism of Democratic presidential candidates who promise the moon and the stars without chance of delivering on them (like free college, free health care, or a $30 minimum wage), you have shown that conservatives are neither good at context nor sarcasm. Oops.

  2. Haha, Mr. Rivlin.
    The fact that we conservatives could believe what we thought we heard Mr. Gutierrez say to these people should concern Mr. Gutierrez.
    He makes some of the most outlandish comments of any elected person from Illinois and most of them are actually what he thinks!
    Mr. Gutierrez may have been taken out of context in this case, but what about the other ridiculous things he’s said over the years? He’s an embarrassment to Illinois and to the 4th CD.