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Hillary Clinton jabs Governor Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda



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CHICAGO – Hillary Clinton was in Chicago Wednesday, and during a Democrat rally she blasted Republican Governor Bruce Rauner by saying his "Turnaround Illinois" agenda would send Illinois back to the days of robber barons.

“Your governor has refused to start budget negotiations unless his so-called turn-around agenda gets passed first,” Clinton told her gleeful audience. “His plan would turn Illinois around alright. All the way back to the time of the robber barons at the end of the 19th century.”

She didn't mention that under the control of Democrats for over a decade, the once-productive state has fallen to last place in credit rating, debt and unpaid pension obligations. 

And she didn't refer to the $280,000 Rauner's GTCR private equity firm paid her for a speech two years ago.

Clinton’s jab at Rauner as a robber baron is “quite ironic, coming from someone who cashed a $280,000 check for a paid speech to GTCR less than two years [ago],” Rauner spokesman Lance Trover told the Chicago Tribune.


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  1. As Ms. Clinton has not lived in Illinois for many years and does not pay taxes here. her opinion is worthless to those of us who groan under the burden of Democrat-created taxation and bad government.
    As she is a proven compulsive liar, why should anyone here believe anything she says?