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Rhoads: The Factory Model of Congress



By Mark Rhoads - Lunch box

The governors in the Saturday night New Hampshire debate challenged the senators to point to their "accomplishments" in the Senate, whereas the governors touted their experience to "get things done." This is typical of big-government Republicans who look on Congress as a factory that produces laws and that in their view is the only thing that counts as an accomplishment. But often in Congress, your freedom is more often best protected by lawmakers who stop bad bills rather than pass them.

When Gov. Christie attacked Sen. Rubio, it was because he said Rubio could not claim credit for passing many bills. Sen. Rubio replied that the results of Gov. Christie included the fact that Moody's Investor Service has downgraded the credit rating of New Jersey nine times since Christie became governor and Christie never answered the question.

Both attacks in both directions were not completely fair.  Sen. Rubio has served in the Senate majority for one year and before that no Republican bills passed under Sen. Harry Ried. Gov. Christie has faced a Democratic legislature his entire time in office.

But Christie's attack and that of other governors was worse, because as big-government Republicans they assume the duty of Congress is to pass more laws rather than repeal bad ones already on the books. 


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  1. You raise a very good point, Mark.
    I look forward to the day when a candidate responds:
    “My goal is to get the government out of our lives, to leave us alone! About three quarters of the problems American families and businesses face are caused by the national and state governments. Most aware citizens now quake in their boots when they hear, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you’.”

  2. Most laws passed by Congress are for naming post offices. The best things this Congress has done is limit spending and taxes. Very few politicians ever stand up for the taxpayers. It shouldn’t be that hard to reform the tax system and put term limits into the Constitution.

  3. This sounds rather like the old Roman Catholic theologians discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
    Do you old, WFBuckleyite 60s types have any idea as to how silly you sound?
    You were good guys back in those dark ages and we appreciate your service in the 70s.
    But now, all hell is breaking loose. You may not see it in your little perches in Ottawa and the other, quasi-rural, far-Western La Salle County suburbs, but real Americans in the real Cook County world see it day-to-day.
    We are on the brink of revolution here. This may be our last election.
    Your 1964 Goldwater-anti Lyndon Johnson claptrap means nothing anymore.
    We are in a crisis here. Now it’s Trump – or – bust!
    Good God – Even Phyllis Schafly sees this – and powerfully propounds it!