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RNC video reminds South Carolina of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 anti-black comments



SOUTH CAROLINA – The Republican National Committee is re-opening a can of worms they say the Clintons wish Democrat Primary voters would forget: anti-black comments Hillary Clinton made during the 2008 primary race opposing Barack Obama.


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  1. Not one Damn Incumbent in Washington, DC. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama have not been Arrested for Treason and Barack Obama’s Executive Orders have not been shredded.
    The Horribly Rich have placed every Republican and every Democrat in our House and Senate for too long.
    Barack Obama’s Administration since 2008, lies, lies, lies, lies, more lies, Treason, and War.
    Our damn Media and the Damn Pope and the Damn United Nations lie to us every day.
    Jeb, Joe, Bernie, and Tex are damn Incumbents and part of the problem.
    Hilary is a hundred times worse.
    You can tell a tree by it’s fruit.
    Look to the Middle East and North Africa to see what Islamic Law offers the world.
    The Quram in English.
    Read the horrible evidence for yourself, Islam is Child Abuse, Abuse of women, murder, and war.
    The United Nations, the Pope, Barack Obama, and our Media lie.
    Merkel and Obama have worked for on one but the Damn Muslims and the United Nations.
    If you have read Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell you know just what our Supreme Court, Barack Obama’s Administration, the worthless good for nothing horribly rich liars and parasites of our Senate and House in Washington, DC, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, and the liars of the United Nations have been doing since 2008.
    Barack Obama is a traitor to the United States.
    The United States government does not have the money for food, lodging, and medical treatment for a huge number of Concentrration Camp Christians, Conservatives, and Veterans, but it would be a lot cheaper to move these people to a country Barack Obama’s Administration is friendly with, you know like Iran, Turkey, or Iraq.
    Barack Obama, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, Al Sharpton, the Muslim Brotherhood, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, CAIR, the Black LIves Matter movement, and the Liberal Democrats are responsible for the riots, violence, and Terrorism inside the United States.
    Are you ready for the truth, pilgrim ?
    Who’s words do you need to listen to to believe Barack Obama is a monster ?
    Barack Obama’s words.