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Thorner/Hasty: Why conservatives and Christians can support Trump




By Nancy Thorner & Elvira Hasty - 

As conservative Republicans and devout Christians, we support and endorse Donald J. Trump for President. Our views on Trump have changed much in the past eight months.  We were never one of his fans; never watched "The Apprentice" and only occasionally watched him on some news shows.  His impact on us, whether liking or disliking the man, was more like neutral, having never approved of Trump entering the already crowded race. 

After the original excitement by his followers, we decided to add Donald Trump to our vetting process. And, yes, both of us vet candidates.  We followed up voting records of politicians and do as much research as possible from different internet sources, never relying on the TV or newspaper media because of their bias.  And, of course, we rely on prayer for the Lord to guide us along the right path.  Although God has given mankind the gift of discernment, but with no instructions, it is at times difficult to know how best to use it. The answer is that God had also given mankind a brain that could think, research, and find facts; in other words, we could look up and discern facts.

Through research, we discovered many surprising things about Donald Trump.

He received an excellent education having graduated from Wharton School of Business with a degree in Economics. Donald's father taught him about hard work, making Donald learn the trade on construction sites where he worked right alongside with blue collar workers. It impressed us that Mr. Trump passed this on to his children.  They learned the lesson well, and today his three grown children are highly educated, eloquent, polite, humble, hard-working, family-oriented, and well-adjusted individuals. They were raised by billionaire parents in New York City, and yet not one of them has ever been involved in any scandal. Donald Trump and his children have never used drugs; do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.

We have also been impressed by Mr. Trump’s work ethics, by his passion for his business, and his fair treatment of his employees. He has been able to create thousands of good jobs that provide higher standard of living for many American families, who, in turn, pay the taxes and invest in goods and services that fuel our economy. That is how capitalism should work!

Trump's personal life enters the fray 

Despite Trump’s three marriages both of his ex-wives are on friendly terms with him; his first wife, Ivana, supports his candidacy and speaks well of him. He married Melania in the Presbyterian Church which allows divorce and re-marriage. Donald Trump is also a compassionate person. He has given money to several worthy charities and has helped many people in need without publicizing his good works. Some years ago he helped a family in California who needed to fly their young son to New York for medical assistance but no airline would take him because of all the equipment, including oxygen tank, that needed to go with him. Once Trump heard about it, he sent his private plane to pick up the child and his family and bring them to NYC at no cost.

It is insulting when “pious” people treat Mr. Trump as a willful sinner and when the elitist media finds him vulgar. Have these “pious” people read the Bible?  Do they not know what Jesus said about judging? What does morality mean to them? Donald Trump is fighting against the worst immoralities we face in the world today that are akin to evil:  Islamic terrorist savages; cheating our American workers of good jobs; loss of our sovereignty and freedoms; hatred for our law enforcement; and mistreatment of our veterans.  Even so the elitist media seems much more preoccupied with “tone” and “vulgar” language than with the real dangers we face. Hypocrites!   And Christians should never forget that God chose sinners like Abraham and David (adultery) to lead His works; just as Jesus later chose Peter and Paul to spread His evangelical message.

Biased reporting

As for voters who feel most strongly about social issues, Donald Trump has consistently said he is pro-life. Just the other evening when asked about Planned Parenthood, Trump said that despite good works that it can do for women’s health, if Planned Parenthood continues with abortions he would defund the organization.

The media has even lied about Trump's sister being appointed judge in NY because “she’s a liberal", which she is not. The truth is she was first appointed by Ronald Reagan. According to Wikepedia:

Maryanne Barry (née Trump, formerly Desmond; born April 5, 1937) is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Barry was nominated by President Ronald Reagan on September 14, 1983, to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.  A Republican, Barry was nominated to be a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit by President Bill Clinton on June 17, 1999, to replace H. Lee Sarokin, who had retired in 1996. 

Why did Maryanne Barry’s nomination happen under President Clinton, and not that of President Reagan who had first nominated her?  President Clinton in 1998 had nominated Robert Raymar to the seat, but that nomination was never given a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Raymar’s nomination expired at the end of that year. Clinton chose not to renominate Raymar to the Third Circuit seat during the next congressional term, and elected instead to nominate Barry. Barry was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on September 13, 1999, and received her commission on September 22, 1999.

Three reasons to support Trump

This nation is now at a point of no return.  Americans need to vote smart, with logic and not emotion, remembering that "We the People" are not choosing a Saint, a Pope or a Nobel Prize winner.  What is needed is a common sense Leader!  

Listed below are three very important reasons why Thorner and Hasty, along with many Americans, have chosen to support Donald J. Trump for president:

  1. National Security/Defense.
  2. Islamic terrorism and expansion of Caliphate.
  3. Economy/Jobs/Debt.

The greatest danger to national security is our porous borders. The Democrats and establishment Republicans wish to maintain open borders and allow illegal aliens to invade us and take jobs from American workers. For the Democrats it means giving citizenship to illegal aliens that, in turn, will vote Democrat, since they come from socialized societies and are attracted to our welfare benefits. The more “illegal immigrants” our nation allows to enter illegally from south of the border, the greater the chance is for the Democratic Party to become all powerful, thereby capturing a stranglehold on winning elections. 

Why do Republicans seemingly not care?  Because establishment Republicans are satisfied as long as they can remain in office and the RNC continues to receive donations from large corporations that lobby for open borders.  For the Democrats it is about votes; for the Republicans it is all about cheap labor for their donors.  It's a win-win situation for both Parties, but a losing situation for the American people.  Americans will not only continue to lose jobs, but wages will also suffer, even while taxes increase.  And if another Democrats succeeds Obama in the November elections, it would mean the end of the second amendment; more regulations for small businesses; Obamacare would remain; abortion money would increase the practice; police departments would go under Federal Government; and there would be a loss of freedoms, including the first amendment and loss of sovereignty.  This election is certainly about survival!

Immigration, as we have today, not only hurts our economy, but changes our culture. Demographics determine our future, whether we maintain our sovereignty, our constitutional principles, our freedom, our language, and our Judeo/Christian values. Not only are we in danger from invasion by illegal workers, but also from criminals, drug traffickers, and terrorist Islamists. Only Donald Trump has spoken out in opposition to allowing more Muslim “refugees.” We should learn a lesson from seeing what is happening to our European friends.

Strong Defense and Economy and Debt

Also impressive about Trump, while Trump promises us a very strong defense, he clearly is against going to war unless it is in our country’s interest. His solution on ISIS is more about cutting their money supply by bombing the oil fields than having boots on the ground. It is about time that the Arab Nations fight their own wars. With Donald Trump as President, there is no way Muslim groups can organize to bring on Sharia law to our court system or even dream of expanding their caliphate.

Regarding our economy and debt, Donald Trump is the only candidate who has both the educational and business experience background to impact our economy in a positive way. Not only does he know how to create jobs, but also how to cut expenses and regulations. A great example is how he is financing his campaign: he has spent the least of the top candidates and has maintained the lead for over six straight months. Spending his own money is also a great benefit to us because he will not owe special interests any favors.

As for the clamor by the Republican Party to maintain “free trade,” it has not produced the expected results. Why should a candidate have to support the current form of free trade to be accepted as a conservative? We need to do away with labels, whether it is about Party or Liberal VS Conservative, and begin to think in terms of what is best for our Country.  For years we have suffered large trade imbalances with several countries, particularly China. The American people are tired of buying only “made in China” products that are of poor quality. We need to bring back American manufacturing. Donald Trump has excelled in negotiation of business deals. He can do the same with our trade policies.

Trump well received by Pat Robertson at Regent University

For those who are concerned about the next Supreme Judge appointment to replace Scala, on Wednesday, February 24th  Donald Trump had this to say in an interview with Dr. Pat Robertson at Regent University in front of a packed theater with an overflow room on Wednesday, February 24.  During the interview, Trump also vowed to get rid of Common Core and Obama Care and to repeal Obama's executive orders.  View here Donald Trump at Regent University with Pat Robertson in Virginia Beach, VA – Feb. 24, 2016.

  • Robertson asked Trump:  "In your selection as president, what criteria would you use to pick somebody?" 
  • Trump replied:  "Pro-life. We want– It starts with that, starts with it. A very conservative, a very, very smart, I mean like Judge (Antonin) Scalia would be a perfect He was a perfect representative,"  
  • Trump further explained:  "I've always said that Justice (Clarence) Thomas doesn't get enough credit. He is a wonderful man, a wonderful guy (applause) and I've always said Judge (Samuel) Alito is a terrific guy. So, in that realm is what we're talking about for me."  Trump also spoke about getting rid of Common Core, Obama Care, and repealing Obama's executive orders. 

Electablity positive

And what about electability?  It is the consensus of many in the Republican Party and the establishment that Trump could never be elected. They had best reevaluate their thinking.  An article by Matthew Continetti, "Seven Reasons Democrats Should Be Terrified of Donald Trump", must be read and taken seriously by all who still look upon Cruz as being a clown and a Democrat in sheep's clothing.   

And consider the claim of political science professor Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University. His statistical model, which has correctly predicted the results of every election in the last 104 years, is now forecasting that the odds of Donald Trump becoming America’s next president currently range from 97 percent to 99 percent. Specifically, Norpoth predicts that Trump has a 97 percent chance of beating Hillary Clinton and a 99 percent chance of beating Bernie Sanders, assuming Trump actually becomes the 2016 presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

Lastly, Trump is the only candidate who has what it takes to do what is needed, that is, an alpha male!  Someone who won’t back down and can take the pressure and complaints that will pile on him from both Parties establishments, lobbyists, consultants, all DC bureaucracy. Moreover, Trump is getting support from Blacks and Hispanics, besides Reagan Democrats. 

God bless America and may He guide us during this important Election Year.


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  1. As a Christian, this is such a disturbing read, particularly the section his personal life. We need to judge the character of the man, it affects everything. Not judge? Under this logic, Trump can be a pedophile and we could still vote for him if he says the things our itching ears want to hear. Yes, God uses sinners, but he uses repentant sinners.

  2. I would wager that you never heard live a Trump rally. You are getting your impressions about Trump from what you are hearing from those who hate Trump. Listen to the link I supplied of Trump at Regent University with Pat Robertson. It was terrific, and his answers to Pat were akin to those Cruz would have given. Jerry Falwell, Jr. also supports Trump and communicates often with Trump.
    Cruz reminds me of a circus barker. He’s now the current flavor of the Republican establishment because he favors amnesty, which the establishment thinks it must embrace to win. Cruz is a nice Godly man, but he couldn’t win in a General Election, wearing religion on his sleeve as he does.

  3. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:15-20

  4. Well, Donald IS 25 years older than his wife #3. He robbed the cradle this last time!
    Andrew, you’re absolutely right! This is an embarrassing assessment and shows just how dumbed down the American population is.
    Trump is a womanizer, he’s ripped off hundreds of businessmen with his bankruptcies, he makes millions on the loss of gullible gamblers in his casino, he has a filthy mouth, he’s a bully and he’s a con artist.
    I’m not “judging” – I am processing evidence. I hope that I’m never on a jury with these easy-to-fool people.
    Don’t be discouraged, Andrew. As Jeremiah Wright said, “The chickens will come home to roost.”

  5. Haha!
    Sue Holt insults “…these easy to fool people ….”,
    and then promptly quotes Jeremiah Wright as if the guy were legitimate. .
    Are you sure you’re in the right place Sue?
    Did you make a wrong turn at Salon?

  6. Sorry you and Andrew feel the way you do. My husband, before his untimely death, was more than 25 years older than I was, and it was a beautiful marriage.
    Trump today in his Fort Worth, Texas rally had Jerry Falwell, Jr. of Liberty University with him on the stage, who had only nice words to say about Trump. After Trump finished speaking about how Christianity has become under assault, Trump promised that it wouldn’t happen under a Trump administration. Merry Christmas would be said again. Trump promised to establish a Christian lobby that could fight against the evil forces which are eroding the moral fabric of this nation. All this was said in the presence of Jerry Farwell, Jr., who Trump asked to hold him responsible for should he become president.
    Are the both of you qualified to look into Trump’s heart? Only God can do that. Your judgments are based on your all-consuming dislike of Trump. If it were your candidate you would not be so quick to judge. Both Trump, and especially Rubio, are flawed candidates, as all God’s people are, for only God can be perfect.

  7. This is a very strange article by two otherwise intelligent conservatives. Yes it is a free country and anyone can support anyone they want to for any reason at all sensible or not. But Trump is light years away from being a principled conservative in spite of his con job so far. He is in fact a childish and incoherent demagogue only 4 months shy of his 70th birthday who has no core principles and what record he does have on policy is very liberal. Trump might choose the Easter Bunny for his running mate and it will make no difference at all in his ultimate crash and burn.

  8. http://www.lifenews.com/2016/02/26/donald-trump-defends-planned-parenthood-abortion-business-it-helps-millions-of-women/ Planned Parenthood is murder incorporated, selling baby parts with a small patina of mammograms to cover things up. Add in the Trump urged Kim Davis to “obey the law” and you have a social liberal. From attacking his teacher in 7th grade to the bragging about his adulteries to his flagrant lying and bullying of others, this man has been an out of control brat for over 50 years. To have him as a role model and representative for our nation is mind boggling.
    Trump also is a fiscal liberal—he says almost nothing about cutting government. Instead, he wants it expanded with more NSA spying, single payer healthcare which he has praised until the last debate and seizing private land for private developers. Other than trade, where he did nothing but lip service against the bad trade treaties, Trump has been a hard core, amnesty loving big government liberal until he ran for President.
    Trump is worse than Romney—he has flipped on more issue more quickly and has a business record that scream crony capitalist, in the pocket of the New York money crowd (never mind how he exploits the little guy to pay back his billions in debt), with business scandals that make Bain Capital a Sunday School picnic.
    It’s like these people want to lose to Hillary. Truly this is the cult of Trump. You can understand this about teenage girls, but to see grown women and men lose their senses and sense of morality is chilling. If we elect another President like Clinton or Obama who is openly immoral like Trump or Hillary, it’s three strikes and you are out. America will be judged in a way that will make the Civil War look like a picnic.

  9. “(Trump’)s three grown children are highly educated, eloquent, polite, humble, hard-working, family-oriented, and well-adjusted individuals.”
    You omitted references to their undergoing cosmetic surgery.

  10. I respect both Mark Rhoads and Grant Nobel, but they are dead wrong. Their hatred of Trump has been apparent from the day Trump entered the race. As a friend of Grant Nobel, he is all in for Cruz, a candidate who could never win. We have argued many times over the Trump issue.
    The makeup of this nation has sadly changed. We cannot go back to the Reagan era to believe that Cruz could ever survive in a General Election against Hillary, despite all of Hillary’s flaws and scandalous activity. Then there is Rubio with all the allegation about his past life that are soon to hit the fan.
    I’m being pragmatic in my choice, while it is individuals like Rhoads and Grant who are being idealistic in what they wish would happen, but can’t happen, in keeping with their strong Republican conservative backgrounds.
    It is sad to see conservatives fight with each other in such a vicious way. If the Koch Brothers and others go through with their ad campaigns to destroy Trump by spending millions of dollars for ads to take Trump out, it will spell the end of the Republican Party. Furthermore, with such a splintered party, Republicans will not only lose the White House, but will most likely also lose the Senate come November.
    Am I to conclude that both Rhoads and Noble want Hillary to win in November? Also, aren’t they also angry with how the Republican Party has gone Democrat-lite? And to criticize Phyllis Schlafly because she also supports Trump, shows me that they have not learned the lesson from Schlafly’s book: “A Choice Not An Echo.” The Republican establishment aims to have its way again.

  11. Thank you for this well researched and insightful article.
    What an election year! I’m not surprised by the differing opinions on which candidate is best for the country but I am very surprised by the wealth of biblical scholars out there! Who knew?
    I am always interested in the opinion and considered thoughts of my fellow conservatives but what I’m seeing is not a reasoned explanation of why they disagree but rather a full out attack on the messenger. I understand strong feelings but discussions about candidates should be lively debates not cringe worthy vitriol.
    I for one am exhausted by working to elect conservatives to office who meet every criteria only to have them disappoint in every way possible. I no longer am swayed by pretty eloquent words designed to lead me to believe they will fight for my values and the values of the American people. Not so much.
    It is time to try something and some one different who yep makes me say to myself “oh boy” on more than one occasion.
    My sincere hope is that Trump makes our enemies say “oh boy” too and respects him enough to negotiate fairly and wonder of wonders, we the American people get to keep our freedoms that are drenched in the blood of those that always knew the fight was so worth it.
    Go Trump.

  12. I won’t vote for Trump because he doesn’t have political experience. I won’t hire a lawyer who hadn’t graduated from law school or a doctor who hadn’t graduated from med. school. If we elect a president, who doesn’t have political experience (Trump or Carson), that would be worse than my doctor and lawyer examples.

  13. Sorry Phil, as your friend, but you are wrong. Trump will chose someone with political experience as his Vice President. Already there are good names circulating for his cabinet positions. I am feed up with having candidates elected to the Senate and House, many of whom are lawyers, who pay no attention to what the people want. Trump would surround himself with good people, Phil, and listen, unlike Obama who marches to his own drum.

  14. I have often wondered how the well educated people of Germany could be attracted to a raging Adolph Hitler. What level of frustration did it take for them to follow the Pied Piper to the destruction of their country? I am in no way saying that Donald Trump is a Nazi. However, there is a parallel in that a charismatic person is playing upon the frustrations of the people to elicit adulation despite a campaign based primarily on demagoguery. Another charismatic leader, Barack Obama, was to bring “Hope And Change,” and now Donald Trump promises to “Make America Great Again”. I doubt that he is the most electable in the general election. Any Republican nominee will be attacked by the Democrats and the liberal media but Donald Trump will present a much bigger target.

  15. How incredibly sad that you actually confess your motive is to be “pragmatic” in your endorsement of a dangerous demagogue. Conservatives who labor for principles are not just merely idealistic, they know from many years of experience that those who foolishly seek power by riding the back of the tiger only end up inside. What if Trump actually wins? Would he be better or worse than Obama or Hillary? Maybe much worse because he has no core principles at all compared to their left wing principles. People in Germany in 1933 flocked to Hitler because he was seen as a strong leader and he “tells it like it is.” By the time that nightmare ended in 1945, many millions of people had died and millions more had lost their freedom for decades.

  16. This is a fun give and take. Everyone has a concern about the future and how it will effect them. I understand at least one of the Koch brothers had a run-in with Trump some ten years or more ago and lost.
    Yes, I cringe at Trump’s use of bad language and name calling, but some of the others are starting to try to out do him.
    Trump is not political in his approach. He just looks at a problem and studies how to fix it. No thought about what his Liberal or Conservative friends think about it. A business man friend of mine said that is his approach also. Let us get the problems solved!!! That is what is needed and the next president must be able to do it without looking over his shoulder all the time to see how the media reacts, or his various friends.

  17. I think you are getting Rubio confused with Cruz. Cruz does not support amnesty and the establishment hates him because he had stood up against them time after time. I think you need to do more studying about Cruz. Rubio is the one who is for amnesty and joined RINO and Democrats in the production of an amnesty bill. Rubio is also the favorite of the establishment not Cruz. I think you need to check your facts.

  18. Thank you Sue Holt for “processing evidence. I hate it when people try to use “do not judge”. It is a complete misrepresentation of the terms. We have to judge every day of our life. The fact is, we must also judge ourselves when we judge others.

  19. This is a good article by people who have done their research. I’m one of those unabashed Kool Aid drinking Trumpers for many of the reasons the authors delineate. We need a man for president. Trump is a man who abhors Political Correctness. Folks who dislike Trump seem willing to turn the future of our country over to the Democrat/Republican Political Class again. They’ve had control for decades and here we are; broke, industry gone, suffering an immigrant invasion and on and on. I don’t care if Trump says a word I wouldn’t use in front of my mother. He’s a leader and a winner. We desperately need both if we are to save the country.
    Another point. You can always tell the Elite Republicans, they can’t rebut the facts of the article, they just attack the authors and Trump with some emotional appeal. Sounds pretty liberal to me.

  20. Nancy,
    How do you explain the fact that Donald himself admitted that he did not need to ask God for forgiveness because he has done nothing wrong? How do you reconcile this blind arrogance with a man you endorse as the leader of the free world?
    I agree that only God is qualified to look into Trump’s heart but we don’t need to look very far to see that he is a fraud and is not who he says he is. He is a poser and a pretender. I am utterly shocked at how many people have been deceived by him.