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Bernie Sanders’ supporter leaves feces in front of East Moline pizza shop




EAST MOLINE – What appears to have been a Democrat Bernie Sanders supporter left a "Bernie" sign, a package of human feces and a nasty note in front of an East Moline pizza restaurant Thursday morning. 

The note said "F**k you and you're (sic) sh**** Republican Pizza."

Joe Schilling, who works at St. Giuseppe's Pizza place – a restaurant owned by former Congressman Bobby Schilling (R-East Moline) and his family, is calling for an apology from Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"I find these actions to be hateful and absolutely disgusting," Schilling wrote on his Facebook page. "I work very hard to keep politics out of the business, and it's the hateful people that can't stand my success that are doing sh## like this.

"Until anyone fesses up to the actions taken, the person that did it is a representative of every Bernie supporter," Schilling wrote. "I'd also like to call upon Bernie Sanders himself to condemn these actions."

Facebook photos of the Sanders supporter's protest at St. Giuseppe's in East Moline


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  1. When somebody goes and shoots up a school they have mental health issues, however, if they leave poop on your doorstep it is reflective of an entire ideology.
    …still waiting for Trump to acknowledge all those trashed grave sites in Bloomington…maybe it was just 100 people with mental health issues driving Cadillacs with Trump stickers.