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Black Pastor gins up Trump crowd in Bloomington



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BLOOMINGTON – Last weekend, Pastor Mark Burns, President & CEO of The NOW Television Network and pastor of The Harvest Praise & Worship Center led off the rally with 3000 supporters by saying, "Hellooo Illinois! Are you ready to elect the next president of these United States of America?

"Listen Illinois, I'm gonna pray because we're about to elect a man who believes in the name of Jesus Christ. And he's gonna make sure we are protected and our rights as Christians are protected that have been taken away by the Obama administration!" 

In an effort to pull in conservative Black voters, Pastor Burns went on to pray for Trump saying "he will bring us together, not divide us." 

During his eight minute speech Burns condemned dividing based on race and color. He said there is only 'green people.'

"The only color that really matters is the color of money in your pocket," Burns said. 


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  1. Explain to me again, why African American ministers and clergy are free to involve themselves in partisan politics, but other churches are threatened with the loss of their religious tax-exempt status if they engage in politic speech

  2. Churches are tax-exempt. Ministers are not. Ministers are free to give speeches at political rallies, but tax-exempt organizations are not free to endorse candidates.
    It’s like how people in the military can volunteer for political campaigns, but not in uniform.

  3. Christians who back Donald Trump are too lazy to do any real research on his record. Here is a man who brags about how many times he has broken the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Nieghbor’s Wife” and yet Christians pretend he follows our Lord and Savior. Trump has cheated thousands of tuition money for his fake university without apology and yet still Christians say he is a Christian. Polls show Trump is rejected by 60 percent of GOP primary voters and will get defeated by a wide margin by almost any Democrat and yet some so-called Christians still want to help him win the nomination of the GOP. A new definition of obtuse in the dictionary is Christians who support Donald Trump.