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Did Bush lie about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs?




SOUTH CAROLINA – "They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction and they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction," Republican presidential candidates said in February at the CBS News debate:

Is that true? Did Bush lie about Iraq? Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Judith Miller reported on the controversy for the New York times. She responds to Trump's comments in the latest Prager University video:


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  1. Judith Miller was Cheney’s leak for falsified WMD reports. Something she even admits she was wrong. She was told this by Cheney. He was wrong. She started the ball rolling on the immediate need to go to war. of course she will deny this. She was one of many complacent journalists who instead of questioning the Bush administration gave the Bush admin full carte blanche whatever you say must be true.
    good Investigative journalism would of revealed the lies of the Iraq war much quicker. Instead we have excuses for Journalists like Miller lapping up anything Chenney muttered as fact.

  2. I don’t think Bush lied about WMD’s. I was in the navy for 21 years, and I was near Baghdad, in a marine battalion, Sept. 2004-March ’05. While I was there, I never complained about being there, and I never heard the marines complain about being there.

  3. The WMDs were only one of many reasons the U.S. went to war in Iraq. Does anyone remember Hussein gassing thousands of Kurds, or his constant game playing with the U.N inspectors? There were close to a dozen reasons spelled out by the U.N. why we went to war with Iraq, but the left fixates on one.
    There were also two bipartisan commissions initiated to investigate if the Bush administration lied, falsified, or misled Congress (Dulfer?). Both commissions found he had not. This meme of ‘Bush lied people died’ needs to be put to rest.