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Kirk decries “partisan rancor” in Supreme Court nomination process




WASHINGTON – Illinois Republican voters lent their support overwhelmingly to U.S. Senator Mark Kirk in Tuesday's GOP primary. Wednesday morning, Kirk's office sent out a message in response to President Obama's nomination for Supreme Court – Judge Merrick Garland

While not clearly defying his U.S. Senate leadership which says they are not going to hold hearings to consider Garland's nomination, Kirk made it clear that he sees the Senate's role to provide advice and consent to be "important," and criticized partisan "political rancor":

“When I climbed the 42 steps of the U.S. Capitol and returned to the Senate following my stroke, I reaffirmed my commitment to represent the people of Illinois in an independent and thoughtful manner, free from the partisanship and political rancor that too often consumes Washington," Kirk said in the statement.

"The Senate’s constitutionally defined role to provide advice and consent is as important as the president’s role in proposing a nominee, and I will assess Judge Merrick Garland based on his record and qualifications."


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  1. Since when have you obeyed the constitution Kirk? Obama is an illegitimate president, he has no lawful authority to nominate any judge.
    Obama is NOT a natural born citizen and is therefore not eligible to be president. Kirk is only committed to obeying the constitution when Durbin tells him he can or when he willfully kisses Obama’s butt!
    Kirk is a hater who denies Christians the free exercise of religion and the right of religious conscience, what I am saying Kirk is that you won’t be getting my vote in November.
    Hey arrogant Kirk, why wouldn’t you debate Marter…. coward?

  2. Man, ain’t that the truth.
    Kirk is the ultimate illinois republican:
    As liberal as any illinois democrat and damn proud of it!
    Oh, and absolutely a coward for not debating Mr Marter.
    Unfortunately, I expected nothing more out Kirk.

  3. Up to this point in his political career, Sen. Kirk has cultivated the skill of pretending to be all things to all people and raised it to an art form. But given the choice of voting for a Democrat lite and the real thing in Tammy Duckworth, most Democrats will vote for Duckworth and many conservative Republicans and independents will decline to vote for Kirk because they figure, why bother? The only argument ever to vote for a RINO is that a conservative can hope the RINO will vote for a conservative Republican to organize the House or Senate and give gavels to all the committee chairs. Kirk did that duty in January 2015 to give Sen. Mitch McConnell the majority leader gavel which is important now to prevent another Obama Supreme Court Justice pick. But because Kirk is so vulnerable this year and Republicans are defending so many seats, the GOP could lose the Senate majority to help confirm a Supreme Court justice next year. That might leave only the House with a GOP majority as a speed bump to President Hillary Clinton. But she could get Senate confirmation for Larry Tribe as Supreme Court justice with or without Mark Kirk in the Senate. So if it makes no difference at all to helping conservative Republicans, why mourn a Kirk defeat to Duckworth?

  4. There is no such thing as a birther, just a made up word by libtards. You must have two U.S. Citizen parents at the time of your birth to be a natural born citizen.
    Its simple, is there a more natural way for a couple of U.S. citizens to have a natural born citizen baby… the framers of the constitution stated several times that the constitution was written for people of common understanding (which leaves you out Narc).
    Obama is a naturalized U.S. citizen and not a natural born citizen. Deceiving judicial tyrants redefined the constitution to allow Obama to become our Muslim-in-chief, they should hang for it.

  5. Oh my gosh this made me laugh. Would you mind providing a citation regarding natural born citizens and the requirement that their parents both be citizens? Also, would you like a list of the presidents who did not have two parents who were citizens? Thanks!