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Rhoads: No Class Madonna and Her Victims




By Mark Rhoads –

At a concert on March 17 in Brisbane, Australia the aging 57-year-old rock star Madonna (aka Madonna Louise Ciccone) pulled down the dress of a 17-year old fan on stage for no reason at all except childish shock value.

As idiotic as that indecent assault was, the even more lunatic mother of the teen model said she, the mother, was thrilled and had the time of her life. If any more proof were needed that Madonna has no talent beyond just being a vulgar old woman, the Brisbane caper should warn decent parents to keep their children away from Ciccone concerts if at all possible. There are much younger singers with real talent to offer.


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  1. Nothing new about Madonna. We used to tell a joke about how she gained publicity for her career that is too uncouth to print here.
    Her husband is involved in a child custody suit to rescue their kid from her. She is rapidly descending into Old- Bag-Hood, and in a few years will only be a unpleasant, disgusting memory.

  2. Wow!
    Mark Rhoads seems to be looking to give the Illinois Review some of Playboy’s old market share (you know, before they dropped the nude photos).
    Just for the record I’m all for it – except next time, Mr Rhoads, could you please provide 18 years and older ?
    I’m a bit creeped out seeing a 17 year old’s breast (and I should think you would be also…….)

  3. Most certainly the photo is shocking, and yes, we agree appalling. But sometimes a photo’s worth a thousand words, and if we didn’t share it with you, we’d be accused of being prudish – ahh, the horror of it all!
    Frankly, the angst should be directed towards Madonna’s lack of morality, not our decision to share with you what she did to the young girl next to her on stage.