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Rhoads: The Lost Virtue of Humility



By Mark Rhoads - Humility

Without mentioning any specific names, humility is not a word that comes quickly to mind to describe several candidates running for president this year. Several, in fact, wallow in two different kinds of arrogance. One is the personal arrogance of pretending to know so much more than one really does. The other is the ideological arrogance that comes with a person who is always certain that he or she alone has the correct set of beliefs.

The arrogance is not just found in candidates but also in voters. Too many Americans forget that obedience to God begins with authentic humility. It is good to stand for one's principles but bad to think that only your interpretation of principles can possibly be correct. Respect for others also demands that reasonable people be allowed to have reasonable differences of opinion without attacking their motives.   


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