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Where’s Weyermuller? Hearing how Tim Tebow’s mom chose life




By Mark Weyermuller - 

I stopped by a benefit for TLC Pregnancy Services located in Elgin, Illinois this week. They operate a clinic with a variety of services including free ultrasounds for pregnant women who may be considering an abortion. When women see a live baby inside their body, they often reconsider having an abortion, and choose life.

The group had about 500 people attending this week's event. Rick Santorum was their speaker a couple of years ago. More information here http://illinoisrighttolife.org


This year, they had a woman as keynote speaker. Her name was Pam, who was told 29 years ago was told her child would be born with defects so they recommended she have an abortion.

She choose to have the child anyway and named him Timmy. He grew up to the the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. You know him as Tim Tebow.  

Hear more about this group at http://www.tlcpregnancyservices.com

Earlier in the week I went to the Illinois Right to Life Benefit dinner. The keynote speaker was a  a 27 year old citizen journalist name David Daleiden. He did the undercover investigation including videos on America's largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood. It showed them discussing the selling body parts of aborted babies, which is illegal and many feel is immoral.


Daleiden works with the Center for Medical Progress. This is one of their videos they encourage to watch and share: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jjxwVuozMnU


If you interested in pro-life grassroots movement, you can participate in an pro-life overpass demonstration during rush hour in in Oak Park just west of Chicago. The groups participating are LIVE PRO LIFE and Chicago Pro-Life a Future. They will meet this Friday evening at pedestrian overpass just east of Harlem Avenue from 3pm till 8pm. Their pro-life signs have been seen by nearly half a million people at these small peaceful gatherings. They welcome anybody to come out for a few minutes, all day, or even a toot on your horn in support of life as you pass by.

There is a large movement to defund Planned Parenthood of any and all taxpayer funds. They ask  that you call your congressman, senator, or any other politician. The pro-life movement is alive and well in the Chicago area while more and more people are choosing LIFE.

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