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Conservatives encouraged after maintaining definition of marriage in IL GOP plank




PEORIA – The Illinois Republican Party elites heard from the state's grassroots Saturday in the only controversy that made it to the convention floor – a vote to maintain the definition of marriage as "one-man, one-woman" as it was stated in the 2012 IL GOP platform. 

"The conservatives sent a message to the party's leadership that we will not be told how we feel about social issues – we will tell them what we stand for," Jackson County delegate Sharee Langenstein told Illinois Review after the vote.

The members of the IL GOP's Platform committee worked to file a minority report objecting to the changes made in committee Friday, and 79 delegation leaders – 29 more than required – signed onto the minority report, forcing a delegate floor vote.

After losing in the platform committee 10 to 7, the final vote was overwhelming in support of maintaining the one-man, one-woman definition of marriage. They needed 490 votes to pass, and 782 stood in support of the effort.

State Rep. Peter Breen (R-Lombard) worked with Langenstein, also an attorney, to organize the effort and whip the votes, along with others, including Senator Dan McConchie, Lake County GOP Chairman Mark Shaw, Chicago GOP Chairman Chris Cleveland, Macoupin County GOP Chairman Terri Koyne and Illinois Family Action's David Smith

Breen, McConchie and State Rep. Terri Bryant argued for the minority report during the floor debate. A downstate minister argued for the change, along with Schaumburg Township GOP Committeeman Ryan Higgins.

"Today's robust floor debate and vote on marriage demonstrated the strength of the Illinois Republicans. Unlike the backroom dealmaking of Mike Madigan and his Illinois Democrat Party, the Illinois Republican Party makes decisions openly, transparently and fairly," Breen said in a statement after the vote.

"Today's 80% supermajority vote reaffirmed that Republicans stand for children and families, along with limited government and economic opportunity for all. Thank you to Chairman Tim Schneider and the leadership of the Illinois Republican Party for a well-run convention. Illinois Republicans are united for victory headed into November."

Key members of the platform committee that agreed to file the minority report, and worked to take to the delegates included delegates Raquel Mitchell of the 11th CD, Terri Koyne of the 13th CD and Jan Klaas of the 16th CD.

And during their delegate addresses, Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) and Mike Bost (IL-13) asked the delegates to retain the 2012 platform language. Earlier in the day U.S. Reps. Peter Roskam, John Shimkus and Darin LaHood issued statements supporting the 2012 language.

"Conservatives are the ones that come to conventions, knock on doors, gather petition signatures," Langenstein told IR. "This effort today showed what conservatives can do if they work together. There's hope for the Illinois Republican Party." 

Secretary of St. Clair County Republican Party's Mary Thurman wrote on her Facebook page, "A lot of people at the Convention didn't sleep last night preparing paperwork and getting required signatures to bring the vote to the floor. Thank you to all of them. All Illinois Republicans should know about the united effort they put forth in the last 24 hours to keep marriage in our platform."

Thanks to Austin Davies of Rockford, we have an audio/video of the floor discussion on Section 7 – Strengthening the Families


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  1. Congratulations on keeping this important plank.The fact that there was any debate in the first place is telling.
    Did anyone ask Mark Kirk his thoughts on this? As the highest ranking elected IL GOP member he has openly disregarded this plank of the platform for years with absolutely no repercussions from the party. Why?

  2. Outstanding!
    Fantastic save by the grass roots Illinois GOP!
    I stand corrected on ONE of the points I’ve been making recently regarding the Illinois GOP.
    Honestly, thank you down-staters and grass-rooters.
    You are our saviors.
    At least temporarily.
    Mark Rhoads (and anyone else), if you were in the trenches on this, THANK YOU!

  3. It’s astonishing and disturbing that the platform committee votef 10-7 in favor of jettisoning the plank that recognizes that marriage has a nature central to which is sexual complementary while the delegates themselves voted 782-202 to retain the true definition of marriage in the platform. This would seem to suggest that our leaders don’t fairly represent Illinoisans. I wonder how many of the gang of 10 were supportive of the delegates voting.
    Much heartfelt thanks to all the good people who sacrificed their time and persevered in the service of truth, children, families, America, and the GOP.

  4. Thank you so much to the hard-working and PRINCIPLED conservatives for this great outcome. When will the small, self-important handful of elites, who think they own the IL GOP, get it through their heads that is the CONSERVATIVES who are the workers and the heart of the Republican Party?! Without us, the Republicans would have landed in the ash heap of history by now. And if they don’t get a clue, that is where they might still end up. Keep this up and conservatives will abandon the Republican Party and watch safely from shore as the elites sinking ship goes down.

  5. Good news at last from the Illinois Republican party.
    So pleased to hear those voting members’ discover their backbones. Perhaps not a conviction response, but in a party essentially taking orders from Democrats, I’ll take what I can get.

  6. This is a real repudiation of the “party establishment” that labored mightily to micromanage the state party convention.
    The establishment prevailed on the delegates at large (Aaron Del Mar???), but suffered an epic fail on the platform. The minority report was overwhelmingly approved despite the passage of rules which were intended to make it nearly impossible to overrule the stacked platform committee.

  7. lol. Looking at that geriatric crowd, I’m surprised they were able to stand for any reason.
    Well, enjoy your big “win.” I have looked all over this site for your many, many posts documenting the great harm that has come to “children and families” in Illinois since same-sex marriage was passed in 2013. TypePad must have been infiltrated by radical homosexuals because all of those posts seem to have been taken down. Of course, as I look around the internet for the thousands of stories of family devastation from Vermont and Connecticut and Hawaii and Delaware and Minnesota, I still find nothing. So clearly the gays are censoring the web. At least they didn’t get to the IL GOP!!

  8. Rich Miller is feeling overwhelmed. Pat Brady assured him the fix was in and then those pesky conservatives forced an actual vote at the convention. The troll known as “Oswego Willy” was flummoxed too.

  9. Is this you Mark Kirk?
    Pat Brady?
    whoever you are, you are sounding a bit ‘butt-hurt’ over these latest developments.
    but I suppose ‘butt-hurt’ an everyday occurrence for you ………….

  10. And this vote count you address, where 782-202 by the constituency translates to 7-10 by the ‘elites’, is EXACTLY why Donald Trump absolutely CRUSHED the field in the primaries.
    AND why Bernie Sanders is winning every non-rigged primary/caucus for the last several weeks.
    The majority of American citizens are DONE with establishment politicians.
    Thanks, for posting those numbers.
    Very useful.

  11. I’m guessing something terrifically offensive to all lib’s and prog’s.
    Probably something like “Schlafly” or “Reagan”.
    Or maybe went for the proverbial kill with “Nixon”.

  12. Same-sex marriage has harmed society because it holds up mental illness and sexual perversion. We rational thinkers follow the laws of nature because we know the true purpose of sex is procreation and know that true sex can only happen between a man and a woman. Homo activists likes to deceive the young into thinking homosexuality is normal, they lie. Notice how homos always pose with children beside them to deceive the young. Nothing but propaganda same-sex couples can’t procreate. And what they do under the sheets isn’t sex, its a perversion of sex. Thus homosexuals are perverts. I have taught the young in my life these facts, they appreciate knowing the facts and about how they were deceived by homo activists. The truth and reality is important to them.

  13. My position for the Republican Party is simple. This is a state issue as it is not mentioned in the Constitution and therefore reserved to the States under the 10th Amendment. The Republican Party should ensure that any new members of SCOTUS understand the importance of the 10th Amendment and how it has been trampled upon by the Left as it suits their political agenda.
    This does not mean that some states might not have homosexual marriage. But it does mean that our Constitution is to be respected on this and other issues as well.
    At the same time the party can reaffirm that they believe that one man- one woman in marriage is best for our children and our society.

  14. There were a lot of Cruz and Trump and even Rubio supporters there, and they all came together to make this happen. It wasn’t just one man’s supporters. It was a unified effort across a lot of folks that put aside hurt feelings from a vicious primary to get this done.

  15. I was there and the win was delicious, absolutely delicious. Thanks to all who helped make it possible for ordinary Republicans to vote and slap down the attempt to corrupt the IL GOP by the tiresome and relentless Homosexual Agenda supporters.
    And thanks be to God, for His protection.

  16. Nice job insulting older people. Just curious, are you a supporter of diversity?
    I know a number of millennials who unequivocally support the recognition of marriage as an intrinsically sexually differentiated union in the Republican platform.
    Further, for those who worship at the altar of woefully unstable and often poorly constructe social “science” research, there are studies that suggest children fare best when raised in an intact family with a mother and a father. Leftists dismiss them by applying evaluative standards they never apply to studies whose conclusions they like.
    But the inherent rights of children to be raised by a mother and father–preferably they biological parents–whenever possible is way above the pay grade and outside the professional purview of social scientists. There is harm done to children when they are intentionally denied either a mother or a father.
    And there are monumental effects on society when the government recognizes intrinsically non-marital unions as marriages in law.

  17. Understood.
    And thus my “thank you!” to “anyone in the trenches” noted above.
    My reference to Trump was he being the only non-wstablishment candidate and that is what the majority of voters – myself included, of course – are looking for this election season.
    And this convention which just concluded is EXACTLY why – with Ms Higgins reported numbers of 782-202 being translated into 7-10 by the ‘elite’ establishment.
    The perfect illustration of why we are thru with the scumbag establishment.

  18. Going to be talking about it tonight on the Stephanie Trussell Show SUNDAY nights 9m-midnight on WLS 890-AM
    David Smith is a guest around 9:05pm, tune in tonight to hear about the convention floor fight.

  19. One of the most persuasive arguments in favor of maintaining the traditional definition of marriage (contained in the 2012 platform and reaffirmed at the state convention bu rejecting the platform committee proposed revision) was repeated by Republican legislators representing districts in Southern Illinois (both in Congress and the state legislature) who wanted to retain the traditional definition: the Democrats who are unafraid to engage in hypocrisy use support of same sex marriage as a wedge issue in certain election districts and would be happy to engage in triangulation to wrest votes from conservative Republicans in competitive districts. Nothing new here as Madigan frequently will use any tactic to blast GOP candidates in his mailers. The fact that the Democrats routinely support same sex marriage throughout the state makes no difference.

  20. It’s really sad to see conservatives slapping themselves on the back for retaining this platform plank, and then promptly go out and vote for the party of Topinka, Rauner, Kirk, Rodogno, Cross. They’ll elect leaders that never have followed their platform anyway, so what’s the point?

  21. Give them one inch on the marriage plank, and next time they’ll go straight after the Pro-Life plank. Just ask Pro-Abortion Governor Bruce Rauner and Pro-Abortion Senator Mark Kirk…

  22. You’re quite right – but let’s put this in perspective. This was a vote on an essentially meaningless state GOP platform plank — basically an advisory memo, which most candidates will take or leave, depending on the exigencies of their campaign.
    I mean, really, is this going to bind Mark Kirk?
    What was worrisome to me, was seeing all these great GOP Congressional “conservatives” go all-out with magnificent blowhard rhetoric supporting this — while having been AWOL in Congress while our communities have been getting flooded with Obama’s executive amnestied refugees and immigrants.
    In suburban Lincolnwood today, on the bike path/dog walking path – I crossed 1 woman w/ her 3 kids wearing a full-blown burkha — 3 others wearing hijabs and barely a recognizable native-born English-speaking American anywhere.
    Never, ever, saw that before this year. But our great immigration do-nothing GOP Congressmen are big talkers on a meaningless platform plank to stop homos from getting married.
    What a farce! That’s why Trump is transcending the old GOP crowd.

  23. I just love watching a tempest in a teapot. This entire Illinois State Republican “platform fight” is laughably unimportant.
    It reminds me of the Berlin bureaucrats in April 1945, who were running around counting paperclips while the USAAF, the RAF and the Red Air Force devastated the very buildings in which they worked.
    The US is on its very last legs due to immigration and multiculturalism and Donald Trump is the only possible antidote.
    All this other stuff would have been important in another, more civilized, time frame, but is simply silliness now.

  24. Here are the points that should be made: You can believe if same sex marragie was deleted, the Log Cabin Republicans would b boasting loudly and proudly, and pointing out what a great victory they had won.
    Secondly, the ONLY thing the platform committee did not work out among themselves was Section VII. Everything else was worked out among the committee members.
    No one is pointing that out, and that’s a shame.
    Thirdly, nearly 80% of the delegates thought it was important enough to publicly stand and be counted for their conviction to protection traditional marriage.
    Please give credit where it is due, and try not to be such a sore loser about it.