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Bush 43 to campaign for competitive GOP senate races – Kirk not among them



Kirk-bush-280x200A lot has changed since 2008 between George W. Bush and Mark Kirk

WASHINGTON – Former President George W. Bush is lending a hand to vulnerable Republicans in competitive Senate races across the country this summer, CNN reported Friday, but Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is not among them.

Either Kirk is viewed as not vulnerable or not competitive, no explanation was offered.

Bush has attended fundraisers for Arizona Sen. John McCain and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, and will attend upcoming events for Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, according to The New York Times.
The 43rd president, who has said he isn't planning to participate in the White House contest nor attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month, is throwing his support behind candidates whose down-ballot races might be impacted by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.


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  1. Curious, how does a President who left office with a 27% approval rating, enormous financial BAILOUTS, and unsuccessful wars help any of these candidates?! But they’ll still blame Trump after a few of these people become losers. NeverKirk

  2. Joe, I didn’t know the recent wars were unsuccessful. I was in the navy 1985-2006, and I was near Baghdad, Sept. 2004-March ’05. While I was there, I knew that Operation Iraqi Freedom was successful.
    George W. Bush was too liberal, so he and Kirk agree about many issues.

  3. I’m not ashamed of voting for him. Kerry would have been an awful President. I’m ashamed that he let us down and left office as an awful President. I’m ashamed that he didn’t propose the surge BEFORE the ’06 election. I’m ashamed that he promoted the record-level of home ownership during his Presidency. I’m ashamed that he appointed Ben Bernanke.

  4. Kirk wasn’t duped. He understands that Democrats will use this, later. Hillary is duping all of them right now by offering general praise of the Bushes. Trump is the only one who sees through that. Later in the campaign, after RINOs let their guard down and get cozy with Bush again, the ads will start rolling. People don’t forget an awful President easily. This will turnout the left.