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Which One Are You: Ideologue or Pragmatist?



Why are conservative public figures like Glenn Beck referred to as “conservative talk-show hosts,” whereas left-wing ones like Rachel Maddow are just “political commentators”? Because the Left believes that they are “pragmatic,” and only care about “what works,” whereas conservatives are “ideologues,” who are blinded by their beliefs.

Not so fast, says Jonah Goldberg, author, journalist and founding editor of National Review Online. In this video, Goldberg reveals the “no labels” argument for what it is: a left-wing manipulation designed to invalidate the viewpoints of conservatives, who have a belief system that opposes the one progressives deny having. The fact is, Goldberg explains, people who hold a thoughtful set of principles have an ideology, progressives included. Watch and learn why having an ideology is a good thing, and why it is often those without one who are “blinded.”


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