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Rhoads: Democrats Filbuster Blunder of 2013




By Mark Rhoads - 

A favorite saying of the late State Senate President Cecil A. Partee when he presided over the Senate in Springfield was to talk about the irony of a majority working against its own interests.  Partee said, "What goes around comes around."  When national Democrats still held a majority in 2013, they voted to change U.S. Senate rules to end the filibuster option to prolong debate in certain circumstances.

They kept the filibuster option for a Supreme Court nomination but got rid of it for other lower judicial nominations. The means that the incoming Republican Administration will be able to nominate as many as 111 candidates to fill judicial vacancies and confirm the appeals court and lower court vacancies with only a simple majority of votes in the Senate instead of 60 percent.  So when we consider a legacy for Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) in future years, we might be able to thank him for out-smarting himself and clearing a path for  many more conservative judges on federal benches around the country.


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  1. oh no.. dom’t give him all the credit the GOP left almost 110 seats VACANT rather than run the country Double that of any President who left office… and they got away with it.
    The Democrats will have to learn that full blown obstruction is whats rewarded. If the GOP does not recind it completely as a simple rule change for the session.
    But who is kidding who? look at North Carolina. When the GOP rids itself of the pesky filibuster this year… will you be applauding the death of democracy too?
    When the out of control GOP starts up it’s policies and vacuuming american tax dollars for atomic bombs, big corporations and literally the top 1% ..Will you be trilled and tickled when you realize you been bamboozled. . And when the war mongerers are in full control and they shut down the public vote “during a time of national crisis?”… what will you do? who will help you?

  2. Who will help us? Certainly not the Democrat Party of perverts and entitled minorities but who made an intentional effort to abandon the white middle class voter 20 years ago and haven’t represented them since.