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Gutierrez: Trump will follow most extreme voices in immigration debate



WASHINGTON DC – Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL-04) took to the House floor Wednesday to criticize President-elect Trump's and the Republican House majority's views on immigration. 

"As I have said, we hope for the best from the new president, but we must prepare for the worst," the representative, who is starting his 25th year in Congress, said.

"Everyone who has looked at the records of the key advisors of President-elect Trump on the issue of immigration has reason for very deep concern for the new president is going to follow some of the most extreme voices in the immigration debate." 

"As for the president himself, he's a bit of an unknown because he changes his mind just as quickly as his Twitter feed refreshes. He says he has a plan for this and a plan for that, but they are secret plans, and as far as we know, they are secrets to him." 


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  1. Thus speaks Gutierrez, the most extreme voice in immigration policy. The one’s he denounces demand the government adhere to the law and the Constitution.
    In the broadest sense, the law is the fence, and the roof which extends from border to border.

  2. One of the most Gerrymandered districts in the country is
    Luis Gutierrez Illinois 4th Congressional district.
    See map here…
    It would be important to have control of the next redistricting in Illinois, which comes up in about 4 years from now….
    Right now the state of Illinois is essentially the Kingdom of Madigan… run for the binfect of yes friends and SEIU buddies
    If you are not part of Madigans gravy train, then your a slave to his kingdom. Any rate, Gutierrez is just another
    angry SJW and in favor of the overthrow of the US government.