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Roskam’s statement on American Health Care Act




WASHINGTON DC — U.S. Representative Peter J. Roskam (IL-06) explained why he voted for the American Health Care Act Thursday in a close 217 to 213 vote:

Obamacare has failed

  • Premiums are skyrocketing (more than 20% in Illinois this year alone) and insurance companies are dropping out across the country
  • In 3 of the 5 counties that comprise the Sixth District of Illinois, there is only one insurance provider left on the Obamacare exchange
  • Nearly the entire state of Iowa (94 of 99 counties) will be without any insurance provider on the exchange next year
  • Obamacare has already failed – if we do nothing, insurers will continue to exit the marketplace and millions of people will lose coverage

The AHCA will responsibly replace Obamacare

  • The AHCA provides generous tax credits to people who don’t get coverage at work or have access to Medicare or Medicaid
  • It introduces competition and choice into the marketplace to bring down costs and improve access to care
  • The bill reforms Medicaid and provides more than $100 billion to help states provide coverage for those who cannot afford it

Pre-existing conditions will be protected

  • Under no circumstances can people be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition
  • Even if a state obtains a waiver to set up an alternative system, anyone who maintains continuous coverage cannot lose his or her health care
  • States that set up their own system to deal with the high cost of coverage must implement high-risk pools and other protections
  • The bill allocates additional funding to help people who do not maintain continuous coverage

Members of Congress/Staff will be subject to the same rules

  • Members of Congress and congressional staff will be subject to the same rules as everyone else
  • Technicalities prevented this provision from being included in the same bill
  • At the same time as the AHCA vote, the House passed a bill to make sure there is absolutely no exemption for Members of Congress or staff

Obamacare in the Sixth District


Matt from St. Charles saw his family plan go from under $300 per month before Obamacare to over $1,100 per month now. He will pay over $13,000 this year for a bronze plan through the Obamacare exchange.


Patricia from Clarendon Hills used to pay $398 per month for a comprehensive plan that fit the needs and budget of her family. She now pays $638 per month for an inferior plan with a higher deductible.


Thomas from Barrington saw his premiums increase 40%. He lost access to half of his providers, including the hospital closest to his community.

Steve from Lisle suffered a 75% premium hike in 2016 and now is facing at another 41% this year.

Susan from Lake Zurich was forced to downgrade her coverage after her insurance company increased the premiums for herself and her son to nearly $1,200 per month.

Jim from Wheaton is facing a 75% premium spike – he is now forced to pay almost $850 per month for insurance.


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    1. AIDS/HIV
    2. acid reflux
    3. acne
    4. ADD
    5. addiction
    6. Alzheimer’s/dementia
    7. anemia
    8. aneurysm
    9. angioplasty
    10. anorexia
    11. anxiety
    12. arrhythmia
    13. arthritis
    14. asthma
    15. atrial fibrillation
    16. autism
    17. bariatric surgery
    18. basal cell carcinoma
    19. bipolar disorder
    20. blood clot
    21. breast cancer
    22. bulimia
    23. bypass surgery
    24. celiac disease
    25. cerebral aneurysm
    26. cerebral embolism
    27. cerebral palsy
    28. cerebral thrombosis
    29. cervical cancer
    30. colon cancer
    31. colon polyps
    32. congestive heart failure
    33. COPD
    34. Crohn’s disease
    35. cystic fibrosis
    36. DMD, depression
    37. diabetes, disabilities
    38. Down syndrome
    39. eating disorder
    40. enlarged prostate
    41. epilepsy
    42. glaucoma
    43. gout
    44. heart disease
    45. heart murmur
    46. heartburn
    47. hemophilia
    48. hepatitis C
    49. herpes
    50. high cholesterol
    51. hypertension
    52. hysterectomy
    53. kidney disease
    54. kidney stones
    55. kidney transplant
    56. leukemia
    57. lung cancer
    58. lupus
    59. lymphoma
    60. mental health issues
    61. migraines
    62. MS
    63. muscular dystrophy
    64. narcolepsy
    65. nasal polyps
    66. obesity
    67. OCD
    68. organ transplant
    69. osteoporosis
    70. pacemaker
    71. panic disorder
    72. paralysis
    73. paraplegia
    74. Parkinson’s disease
    75. pregnancy
    76. restless leg syndrome
    77. schizophrenia
    78. seasonal affective disorder
    79. seizures
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    81. skin cancer
    82. sleep apnea
    83. sleep disorders
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    85. stroke
    86. thyroid issues
    87. tooth disease
    88. tuberculosis
    89. ulcers
    Thanks Pete!