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Rauner “deeply concerned” about GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill




SPRINGFIELD – Thursday, Governor Bruce Rauner released the following statement regarding the U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of the American Healthcare Act:

“The bill that passed in the U.S. House today continues to be of deep concern to our administration. Recent changes did not address fundamental concerns about the bill’s impact on the 650,000 individuals that are part of our Medicaid expansion population, nor have those changes eased the concerns of the 350,000 people in the individual market who are dealing with skyrocketing premiums and fewer choices.  We will continue to voice our concerns as the law moves to the Senate. 

"The Affordable Care Act is a seriously flawed law that should be changed.  Difficult as the task has proven, we are hopeful that our federal lawmakers will continue to work hard to get this right for the people of Illinois and our nation.”


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  1. I am conflicted. When the incompetent moderate Paul Ryan is for something I usually am very comfortable being against it. When the incompetent liberal Bruce Rauner is for something I am instinctively against it. Now I have conflict. I guess Rauner is by far the more incompetent and liberal of the two so I lean toward the legislation the house passed today.
    Does anyone beside me realize how much better the GOP in IL would be positioned today if Quinn would have won re-election over Rauner?

  2. That’s like saying that the GOP would be better positioned if James Thompson hadn’t won. So, when do we ever win? If Brady had won, it would be exactly like Rauner and 2014 would’ve been pretty much like 2018. Redistricting, fine. Illinois is a wreck, redistricting or not. A wreck. How Dems drew the Congressional Districts will be moot anyway when the state loses 2 in 2021. Check out the Trump map. Then check the Kirk map. Where they lost. You’ll notice that 2010 redistricting didn’t mean much, those areas went blue a few years later. The fact that Kirk lost the same counties proves that it wasn’t peculiar to Trump. Illinois is 2 states, the second will never be in control. Bustos’ seat is becoming redder. I think Dems have pretty much drawn that seat to death. The time is coming when they won’t be able to draw a Quad Cities Dem seat.