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Rep. Unes: Extremists on both sides don’t always tell the truth about budget



CANTON – During the House floor debate Sunday, Republican Rep. Mike Unes of Canton said that his vote to hike the income tax was the sword he's willing to die on. He was among 15 Republicans to support a 32% income tax hike.

Unes, typically considered conservative, said that extremists on both sides of the aisle "don't always tell the truth." He said he was going to rest easy because his vote could save thousands of lives and keep the Canton schools open.

He did not mention, however, that Madigan's budget contained no reforms to start a correction in Illinois failing financial system. "We need to avoid being the first state in the history of the United States to go into junk bond status," he said in conclusion.


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  1. Another Downstate Porker who pretends to be a “Republican”. From Jeanne Ives to Dan McConchie, we have had plenty of proposals on how to solve the pension and budget problems that could be sold to winning majorities of Illinois voters. But people like Unes don’t want to lose a single dime for their buddies. If Rauner spent just a small fraction of what he has spent since running for Governor getting rid of all 15 of the Republican traitors like Unes who voted for this terrible tax hike that didn’t give us a single concession on spending. he could sustain his veto. Let’s see if this all political Kabuki theater and Rahm’s fly fishing buddy will allow the legislature to override his token veto.