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Thorner: Rauner’s embarrassing interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier



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By Nancy Thorner - 

Having found Illinois' Governor Bruce Rauner to be a cliche-ridden, ineffective communicator, his interview by Bret Baier at Chicago's Fox News studios on Friday, August 11 for Baier's daily nationally-televised TV show gave credence to my negative evaluation of Rauner.

Friends from California, whose own governor (Jerry Brown) is running the state into the ground through his ineptness and outlandish policies, viewed for themselves the Rauner interview, and appropriately labeled Rauner "extremely incompetent."  

My own response was one of disbelief at Rauner's responses to questions posed by Mr. Baier. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to have Governor Rauner representing me as the governor of Illinois. After all, Rauner did run as a reform candidate in 2014, with an emphasis on growing jobs, delivering value for taxpayers, giving every child access to world-class schools, and enacting term limits to reform the political system.  As was stated in the Illinois Review: "The interview created a national discussion firestorm, frustrating the state's political Right and Left, who said Rauner's responses created more questions than answers for the people of Illinois."

Responding to Rauner's money quote in the transcript of Fox News' interview with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner   "We make illegal immigration easy and we make legal immigration almost impossible." 

I say, "No, Governor Rauner, we have at least 1.5 million legal immigrants a year when you count the H1-B and other work visas."

By signing SB31, Rauner will create the leading sanctuary state in the country by abetting illegal immigration. The bill (SB31), referred to as "the Trust Act", is waiting for Governor Rauner's signature.  SB31 was introduced by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) and is intended to curtail all federal immigration powers to detain and deport illegal aliens even in the event that they are convicted of a crime. 

Democratic Party Originated as Party of Slavery 

Hasn't the Democrat Party been associated with the party of slavery from early on in this nation’s history? After a lifetime of luxury from the labor of slaves, a founder of the Democrat Party, Thomas Jefferson, refused to free his slaves even upon his death, although admirers offered to buy them from him. 

Andrew Jackson, who became the seventh president of the United States, was a wealthy slave owner and infamous Indian killer, gaining the nickname ‘Sharp Knife’ from the Cherokee, because of his brutal military campaigns against Indians.  Andrew Jackson was not only a genocidal maniac against the Indigenous Peoples of the southwest, he was also racist against African peoples. 

From Jim Crow, to the oppressed immigrants in the big cities, to the Great Society and forced unionization, the Democrats have always loved to boss people around, while living like overlords from their labor and taxes. This is the reason Democrats fight so hard against medical and education vouchers.  They don't really care about the people they claim to serve; they only want to keep their power over them.  

About Modern Day Slavery?

Nothing describes modern day slavery better than that of illegal immigration.  Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, I do remember hearing about the old South when blacks had to step out of the way of whites on sidewalks and where blacks couldn't drink from the same water fountains or be served at counter in restaurants. 

Today illegal immigrants are exploited by criminals, landlords, the police, and their employers, but most of all by the Democrat Party. Through wide-spread illegal immigrant voting, Democrats have become recipients of more electoral votes and an increased number of legislative districts.  Most of all, Illegal immigrants have broken down the rule of law in this country.  When close to 10% of our population is openly flouting the law, why should we be surprised when many feel it unnecessary to obey any law?  

The solution to the illegal immigration problem is not what was foolishly granted in 1986, amnesty.  Reagan's greatest mistake led to a mushrooming of illegal immigration and the destruction of the Republican Party in states like California, where low skilled, functionally illiterate immigrants were encouraged by Democrats to vote for more welfare, rather than to achieve dignity and self-worth by working hard, saving, and getting educated, as immigrants were required to do in the past to get ahead. 

Amnesty Creates Problems

The greatest problem, by far, with amnesty is with the countries that send us illegal immigrants.  Back in 1953, South Korea was a wrecked country that barely had enough to eat.  In contrast, Mexico was well off in 1953 compared to the rest of the world.  Today South Korea, despite spending far more on defense than Mexico, is a rich, well-educated country, while Mexico has turned into a third world sewer of corruption, violence and economic despair, with an education system near the bottom.  Socialism has killed Mexico, but it hobbles along as its workers send money home, subsidized by American taxpayers through all sorts of welfare programs.

Accordingly, illegal immigration has done more to ruin Mexico than anything this nation has ever done. Mexican illegals would be far better off if half of them went home and the other half had legal rights as temporary guest workers with no right of citizenship.  Mexico would then be forced to reform.  By so doing so our economy would be liberated, which would also aid in pulling Mexico's economy out of the rut.  Brought to an end would be the constant cycle of exploitative immigration that does neither country any good. 

Europe has a similar problem where illegal immigrants are failing to become assimilated.  By sending their welfare money home, more "refugees" and immigrant are being lured into Europe who are likewise unable to fit in. Their home countries get further and further behind, because essential cultural problems never get solved.  

We don't need immigrants to change our country into their image.  It would be better to send "missionaries" to serve in other countries to change them to our ways.  This happened with Japan and South Korea. 

Klan Members Become Role Models in Democratic Party

It was easy for the late Robert Byrd to go from being a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the Klan to a "role model" for the Clintons and all the other socialists of the Democrat Party.  But to really care about the people of the world, a Lincoln-like figure is mandated to fight those who exploit others and then claim it is good for society and for those they exploit.

Instead of fighting back against the media and those who are exploiting cheap labor, Governor Rauner and other establishment Republicans have decided to pander to the media and those exploiting cheap labor.  But as Trump proved and Lincoln before him, it's possible to be right on the issue and still win at the ballot box.  

It's time we end all illegal immigration and cut back our legal immigration to those who can speak English and benefit our economy, just as is done in Canada and Australia.  

Here is an A very good, compact article about changing our open door immigration policy. 


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  1. Nancy, thanks for writing that informative article. I hope that all Illinois conservatives will vote for William Kelly for governor. He’ll never consider signing a bill that will help illegal aliens hide from ICE.

  2. Phil –
    By incessantly promoting the ridiculous, non-serious William Kelly, you’re hurting conservative efforts in Illinois. I don’t think you live here anymore, do you? Is that why you are embarrassing yourself by constantly promoting him – you don’t care what happens to Illinois?
    This is so disappointing and beneath you .. Please stop promoting him.

  3. Moral values count. Protecting criminals by giving them sanctuary is not a direction for Illinois.
    The values of the Madigan and Cullerton families are not for Illinois.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  4. Pro-Immigration RINO Billionaire Bruce Rauner is now poised to turn us into a SANCTUARY STATE.
    Any of you Bruce-worshippers still want to try to sell the fiction that Rauner is a “Republican” and that he “doesn’t have a social agenda” to us? Because every REAL Republican I know is ready to heave at the sight of this uber-rich liar’s lying face…