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Balich Friciolone boast pro-taxpayer efforts in Will County


Here are examples of some of what we (Balich & Fricilone) have done.

Lowered the tax rate while at the same time building a New Public Safety Building, Court House, and Health Department.

Stopped code violations initiated by aerial Photos. Code violations are now complaint driven. 
Reduced the tax rate for the last 3 years.
Stopped mandatory sprinkler systems from being required in all homes.
Passed a Resolution allowing the Court to return your money for towing, storage, and administration if you are found not guilty
Stopped the County from putting raised barriers on 143rd St.
Continue to vote against raises for County wide and County Board elected officials.
Stopped light ordinance that had no measurements relying on the opinion of Code officers as to what is a nuisance.
Argue that code inspectors can only inspect what a permit was written for. They don't have the right to write violations for other items out of code. 
Worked with Lockport to move barricades in next week or two, north of Gougar and 147th, allowing for cars to cut through like the past from 151st over to Lemont rd/State via 147th.  A signal was placed at Gougar and 143rd.
Worked with Citizens Utility board to reduce the rate increase from Illinois American Water.
Voted to not allow County Board Elected Officials to take the IMRF Pension.
Stopped Will county Land Use from initiating a rental inspection program targeting 17,000 plus landlords with HUD violations. Will County never adopted HUD guidelines.
Fundraiser September 19, 2017 - 
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