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Kraulidis: Why I said yes to the Moms’ March



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By Deb Kraulidis - 

I know many of you are like me.  You see something interesting and inside you are like – "This is so good!"  I saw a Mom's event featuring [former Alaska Governor] Sarah Palin, [Duck Dynasty's] Missy Robertson and [Dr. Ben Carson's wife] Candy Carson being shared on Facebook. I was like, "Yes!  This is my kind of event."

I went to their site and read this paragraph and I was captivated:

The Mom’s March isn’t about politics, parties, or policies. It’s about mothers standing united for principles –-the principles and values America was founded on; that supported mothers, respected families, and made us the freest, most prosperous nation on earth. It’s about reviving the sense of community and spirit of sisterhood that once thrived among the women of America. It is about coming together to celebrate motherhood and support and encourage each other as we stand united for truth, family, faith, freedom, and the constitution which protects our divine rights as mothers. It’s about lifting a nation!

This inspired me so much that I offered to help produce the show. In addition to producing the show, they asked me and my daughter to sing during the show. A few of my superstar friends also wanted in and went to Nebraska to help with the production.

And yes …we were all  incredibly inspired.

Moms, we cultivate hearts. We are the designers. We raise the next generation and shape the future. The moral decay is outrageous, the standards are low, the respect is next to none, our kids are being feed lies, and truth is almost extinct. 

The trash being thrown around has gotten me so worked up that I just want to scream. For my own sanity, I joined these warrior mothers. I had to be with an army, and boy, was I!  

Sarah, Candy, Missy, plus many other amazing moms spoke to the importance of our role and the powerful influence we are in this generation and the generations to come. We are warriors and we are not alone. The time is here for all of us to rise up, take a chance, and say yes.

I am often tired and discouraged, but this mother's heart just won't give up. The future is too important and the battle is too crucial.

Moms all across our great nation are upset and want to change our country’s landscape for the better. Not by wearing crude vagina costumes and screaming profanities, but by sharing hope. We must challenge our children to be virtuous and admirable, to promote purity and decency, to stand for life, for freedom, for families and for God. 

My daughter and sons will raise their children is an even more bizarre and hostile world. I am going to give them all I have while they are still under our roof. With prayer, leadership and divine wisdom, this momma is not giving up!

I have joined the movement because I needed a community to stand with. Stop messing with mothers, we carried these children, they are apart of us and we will never let them go.

You can listen to all the amazing speakers at this website. Join the Moms March movement at www.momsmarchusa.com There will more events to come.

Deb & Haley Kraulidis: 


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