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Rauner ILGOP Staff Deny Republicans Access to Party Headquarters


CHICAGO – In a press release today, the Chicago Republican Party expressed disappointment that a staffer has been denied access to Illinois Republican Party headquarters. The Chicago GOP staffer was told by a Rauner staffer that he could no longer use a desk within the office.

According to the press release, the reason the IL GOP offered is a press report that Chris Cleveland, chairman of the Chicago Republican Party, is under consideration as a running mate for State Rep Jeanne Ives. Ives is considering a gubernatorial bid.

"We're disappointed the governor's team would do something like this. We're running candidates in Chicago, and the city and state parties need to coordinate so they're not left out in the cold," said Cleveland. "The governor should be above such petty retribution."


  1. Nothing new to see here.
    The”Establishment” Illinois Republican Party denies information to any “outsider” Republican challenger to a Republican incumbent….has done so for YEARS.
    In a way this is a joke, because the Illinois GOP is so decrepit that info it has is at least two years out-of-date anyway.

  2. Hopefully Sean Morrison lays down the law & denies this clown his Cook County GOP privileges too.
    Sean Morrison did the heavy lifting & repealed the pop tax. All Cleveland has done is whine & moan & lose elections.

  3. This is typical Rauner. Since 2014 he has decided who gets to run and who waits their turn. He has built war chests for his chosen and made sure it is known that there is a penalty for supporting those he does not. It’s the only thing he does as well as Madigan.

  4. It is way past TIME to expose all the political whores, that are fake Republicans who are working for the Chicago democratic political mafia run by John Daley and Mike Madigan. I am talking about Tim Schneider. You have to learn to expose by naming names:
    ( This political cancer has been metastasizing for several years and some of the political pimp DOUBLE AGENTS include: Bill Brady, Mark Kirk, Kirk Dillard, Pat Brady , Judy Topinka, Andy McKenna, Jim Thompson, Jim Thompson, Liz Gorman, Dennis Hastert, Michael McAuliffe, Angelo Saviano, Jack Dorgan, etc.)
    Sean and Tim are running interference against we conservative elected Republicans and millions of conservative American citizens of Illinois. Tim and Sean are REAL LIFE DOUBLE AGENTS. Sean Thompson and Tim Schneider, are both Cook County commissioners which means they have a lot of government power over about 47% of our Illinois population. They are both, respectively, chairman of the Cook County Republican Party and our Illinois Republican Party — Ttragic! And as I said, this nefarious strategy of INFILTRATION works well and has been going on for decades in our Illinois, You’d be a fool to think that Mike Madigan is that smart and has been doing all this political carnage by himself! he has help on the inside. The millions of conservative Republican citizens in Illinois have NO REPRESENTATION.
    (“ double agent“ is not just a term referring to fictional characters in spy movies such as James Bond 007)
    – Carl Segvich, Chicago’s 11th Ward Republican Party Committeeman

  5. Granted the state party is a joke too, but this is pretty rich coming from Chris Cleveland, a guy who has done nothing but try to kick people out of the Republican Party, even after they are elected fair and square by voters in real Republican primary elections. Cleveland seems to target Trump supporters, like the GOP committeeman elected in the 19th ward. Cleveland and his do-nothing clowns are still in court trying to say that pro-Trump committeeman can’t hold the office he was elected to last year. I find it hard to believe Ives would really be considering Cleveland as a running mate. She has to be smarter than that.

  6. Why is it that the only Republicans that the self-proclaimed, “North Cook Tea Party” likes are leftist RINO types like Rauner and McAuliffe (who is so formidable politically that he couldn’t even get re-elected in his relatively conservative NW side Aldermanic district)?
    Next he’s going to be telling us to, “Put on your big-boy pants and vote for Rauner and McAuliffe, (and McCain and Flake.)

  7. You’re right. In ’02 the decrepit Cook Co. GOP organization refused to give us help when we ran against one of their RINO, do-nothing, Suburban GOP Committeemen with a genuine pro-Life, conservative (Joe Hedrick.)
    We devised better data and better mailings and a hard-hitting campaign ourselves and won with more than 60% out of 10k votes cast.

  8. This is like a repeat of when “Big Jim’ Thompson was governor, and ran the Illinois Republican Party.
    He chose Jim Edgar as his successor, and ordered George Ryan to “wait his turn” and run for Secretary of State instead.
    Ryan did so, then ran for and won, the governpor’s seat.
    How did GEORGE RYAN as governor work out?

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