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Another Rauner campaign ad hits airwaves



CHICAGO – Governor Rauner's re-election campaign, flush with $65 million in cash waiting to be spent in his bid for another four years, will be flooding Illinoisans TV watching with yet another new ad introduced Monday morning.

This ad features a "Madigan Machine" carrying baggage overflowing with money and declares Governor Rauner's progress in defeating Madigan's efforts. For the Rauner campaign, it's all about defeating Madigan.


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  1. CAPITOLFAX poll shows OUR GOVERNOR Bruce Rauner leading Ives 64-19. Rauner’s number will only go up with great ads like this because Illinois Republicans will unite to BEAT MADIGAN. Ives is a clown candidate whose campaign is run by Never Trumpers who have no idea how to win an election. She will get less votes than William Kelly, mark my word.

  2. Yes, now there’s a fair comparison – an incumbent governor that’s lied to the Cardinal and all Republican members of the General Assembly, but who has name recognition and $65 million to spend on TV ads compared to a State Rep who is just getting her campaign organized BECAUSE the governor lied to his base.
    Don’t be so sure about Ives’ numbers once her campaign gets rolling. The Republican Base are disgusted by the name Rauner.

  3. It’s a sad day if Illinois Republicans can’t see through Rauner’s behavior which can only be termed as deplorable. All his promises made when initially running for office were not honored, and now Republicans are supposed to believe the lies now coming out of the Rauner campaign? Rauner can’t win. Conservatives all over state of Illinois won’t vote for him just because he has an “R” in front of his name.
    All Illinoisans who have a measure of common sense left should work hard to get Jeanie Ives on the primary ballot to challenge our disgraced Governor Rauner. Who are the foolish establishment Republicans in Illinois who are supporting Rauner? What is in it for them with their big bucks being spent on Rauner’s behalf. They surely are the same establishment Republicans who believe designating Illinois as a sanctuary state was a good thing. How misguided they are.
    It is way past time to take Illinois back. It’s now or never for Illinois.

  4. I will support the Republican nominee for Governor. But Ives is not a clown. She is a candidate of extremely high integrity who should be taken seriously and by the way I am a huge fan of Donald Trump. I have supported him since he was polling in the single digits in the primary. I have never stopped supporting him.

  5. Bruce Rauner is unelectable in Illinois…Democrats would love to see him win the GOP nomination.
    Here is a clue…Jeanne Ives will be a formidable opponent. She will have the backing of hardcore Trump supporters because she supports President Trump.
    I was a very strong supporter of Bruce Rauner, but like I told him in 2014…if you disappoint me, I will work twice as hard to replace you, upon which he said… “fair enough, Joe”.
    I meant what I said…and so did thousands of others who supported him.
    Madigan cannot be defeated without the help of President Trump…Bruce Rauner is a one term governor.

  6. In the last two days, I have easily talked to 300 people asking to sign her petition to get on the GOP Primary ballot…ONLY TWO PEOPLE have told me NO because they are supporting Bruce Rauner. I have gotten 100 signatures myself so far.
    I don’t believe ANY Democrat poll.