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How Trump Got the Economy Booming in Less Than a Year




By Peter Ferrara, The Observer - 

President Donald Trump was elected because he effectively ran on restoring Ronald Reagan’s pro-growth economic policies: slashing tax rates, deregulation, and cutting government spending. Hillary contributed to his successful strategy by advocating keeping Barack Obama’s anti-growth policies intact, further convincing blue collar workers that Trump was their only hope. In Trump’s first six months in office, more than a million new jobs were created, driving unemployment down to a 16-year low, and the stock market set 34 new record highs.



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  1. I’m surprised IR didn’t delete the troll’s comment due to the implied vulgar language.
    It (the troll) should aware that Trump has already removed more regulations in one year than Reagan in eight. They are the only two to ever reduce regulations.
    Not surprising from a CPS graduate that can’t spell or type.