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Relearning the Tax Cut Lesson



Unnamed (1)By Peter Ferrara, Washington Times - 

Since President Reagan’s tax reforms of the 1980s, other countries around the world have been cutting their corporate tax rates and other taxes on businesses. As a result, American companies and their workers suffer today with the highest corporate tax rates and other business taxes in the developed world. What do these other countries understand that America does not?



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  1. sayyy do you remember that recession Reagan caused with all those tax cuts????
    DO you REMEMBER he raised taxes on ordinary people to pay the difference… I DO!!!
    what a bunch of horse crap… trickle down has been a proven failure for over 30 years now. it only lines the pockets of the rich and employs no one… its a sham a scam… its thievery.
    the American people are tired of paying for corporate welfare for corporations already sitting on trillions in saved profits…. for what. to create jobs for products the middle class won’t be able to afford any longer? LOL. Thats not how it works! Demand-> supply…
    The GOP is going to rob and run… like they do anytime people are stupid enough to give them the House and the Senate. They have done the same thing for 30 years now.
    When their policies start hitting ordinary people in their wallets their days in power will be numbered. So its time to place some long term thievery into policy… before its too late and they are voted out for the pieces of bull bovine mater they are. They do this every single time they are given power…. they remind people the corrupt thieves pedophile loving crooks they really are and then they our out.