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Is Pritzker building lists without peoples’ consent?



An Illinois Review reader forwarded the following email they received. They stated they did not sign up to be on Democrat gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker's list.

Gmail - Fw_ Thanks for signing up copy

Gmail - Fw_ Thanks for signing up copy


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  1. What do we think about Natasha Korecki of 19 Barrington Bourne, Barrington doxing Republican contributors to Jeanne Ives? Did Korecki who was born 1/30/1974 do it because she has voted in every Democratic primary since 2002? You could call her at 773-529-7061 and give her your opinion or email her at nkorecki at politico.com.

  2. Abortion is the main reason for death in USA.
    JB Pritzker like Madigan and Cullerton support Killing unborn babies. Our Governor Rauner follows their lead in killing unborn babies.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. Well, yes. All politicians do this. I get unsolicited mail from Erika Harold’s current campaign, the 2016 Kasich campaign, the 2020 Trump campaign, and this mailing list called Right and Free which is this weird combination of right wing conspiracy theories and “eat this to cure your diabetes” medical scams.
    It’s all spam. If it bothers you that much, report it to their email provider. SpamCop can help with that.

  4. You ought to sign up for this stuff.
    You will have many a good laugh at the stupid statements, and also have some idea of how the Pritzker campaign is operating.
    As close to “insider” information as you willever get.