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Thorner: Morris considers the 1st anniversary of Trump’s 2016 win




By Nancy Thorner - 

Chicago longtime conservative Joseph J. Morris shared these thoughts with me Wednesday morning on the one year anniversary of President Trump's 2016 election, and gave permission for me to share with Illinois Review readers: 

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for election as President, thus preventing the corrupt criminal enterprise that is the Clinton Family and the Clinton Foundation (which long sold favors and access to all comers in exchange for large speaking fees and massive contributions to the foundation, which was the staging pen for Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign) from merging with the Government of the United States.  

Mr. Trump's follies and eccentricities are a small price to pay for that inestimable benefit to our country.
As Otto von Bismarck once pronounced, “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”
Who could not be proud of Trump's accomplishment here at home and abroad?, but then I'm not one of the irrational Trump haters.
People are greeting Trump and wife Melania warmly and with love as he travels the Far East, while here in the U.S. Trump is ridiculed and impeachment has become the goal of the those deranged by hatred.
When will many in this nation come to their senses?  Do they really hate Trump so intensely that they are willing to destroy this nation for future generations, wanting  instead to impose upon the American people what they think is best for this nation?


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  1. If PRESIDENT TRUMP doesn’t stop stringing us along and start BUILDING THE WALL, he will be a ONE-TERMER.
    VIRGINIA is a canary in the coal mine. If Trump doesn’t start forcing through his agenda using the FULL POWER OF THE PRESIDENCY working class whites will give up on politics and stay home. Trump’s been President for a year, and while certainly light years better than Hillary or Obama, his accomplishments are scant. After an initial flurry of activity where he appointed JUSTICE GORSUCH and repealed TPP there hasn’t been much action. If anything, he’s been making swamp noises by talking about amnesty for the DACA illegals. Plus, he’s wasting so much time with Iran and North Korea when we should just normalize relations with them.