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UPDATE x1: 3 Questions for the IL GOP about who gets what funds and who decides




UPDATE x1: Republican state representative calls for IL GOP Party Chairman to step down.  (See below)

CHICAGO – The IL GOP is writing an amazing number and amount of checks.

An unprecedented $1 Million to the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee. Another $3 Million to the House Republican Organization. 

Nearly $55k to candidate for Attorney General Erika Harold – none to the other GOP statewide candidates running for Comptroller, Treasurer or Secretary of State. Only Harold thus far.

Then $25k each to Cook, Lake and Will County Republican organizations in late November. Another $5k to downstate Henry County. $2500 to Republicans in Stark County. 

That's how the Illinois GOP has spent the party's funds thus far this fall. But where did that money come from? 

Besides $10,000 from the Beer Distributors, every other major contribution to the IL GOP reported thus far has come from Governor Bruce Rauner's political action committee.

$400,000 on November 10th and $4,000,000 on November 11th.  

The Illinois Republican Party reports no other contributions in excess of $249 for most of the year. However, the IL GOP has elected officials that have historically been involved in decision-making on how the party spends its funds.

Illinois Review has asked, but has not heard yet from IL GOP Spokesperson Aaron DeGroot three preliminary questions:

  • How does the IL GOP determine where the checks are going?  
  • Who is involved in that decision making?  
  • How much does the IL GOP expect to be distributed and to whom in the upcoming days before the March primary?

We will report the responses as soon as we hear back from the IL GOP.

If you have other questions you'd like to be asked of the IL GOP, please offer in the comment section below. 

UPDATE: State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington) called for IL GOP Party Chairman Tim Schneider to step down Wednesday afternoon: 

"Political insider Tim Schneider is a lapdog for failed Governor Rauner, the Worst Republican Governor in America," McSweeney said in a text message to Illinois Review. "Incredibly Governor Rauner just admitted that he's not in charge of the state. Schneider, who was the chief Rauner cheerleader for the Capitol Compromise tax hike and sanctuary state bill, should immediately resign as GOP Chairman." 


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  1. Tim Schneider is a double agent, along with the Cook County Republican Chairman Sean Morrison. Tim and Sean answer to John Daley (a DEMOCRAT!) of the infamous Daley political family crime syndicate. All three are Cook County Commissioners; three of a total of only 17 commissioners, controlling our annual $6 billion budget.
    Tim and Sean run no Republican candidates against the incumbent Democrats in Cook County! As double agents, Tim and Sean realize their duty is to obstruct any conservative efforts to defeat the Democrats.
    Morrison voted Democrat his whole life up until and including 2008 when the organized Cook County democratic party mafia recruited him to be a double agent.
    When I asked Schneider for his help for our campaign when I ran against John Daley for Cook County Commissioner of the 11th district, Schneider replied “I have to work with John“.

  2. Very few voters are aware of how the State GOP is governed. The state central committee is made up of one member from each congressional district. Decisions are made with a weighted vote of the members based on the republican primary votes.
    The members are elected every four years at the conventions of the counties within each congressional district. The votes of the elected precinct committee members are cast(on a weighted basis)for the state central committee member.
    There will be contests for state central committee in several congressional districts. It would be a great service if Illinois Review would do some research into the upcoming races and inform the voters. Then voters could contact their individual precinct committee members about their vote.
    The Governor is firmly in control of the committee now. That can be changed next year.
    John McGlasson, State Central Committee Member, 16th Congressional District

  3. This is why I believe any Republican donor should give directly to the candidate of HIS or HER choice, not to some central GOP organization who will give it to IT’S choice.
    This goes for Federal GOP organizations as well. These organizations usually go under names like “The House Republican Re-Election Committee, or some such name.
    Their goal is to perpetuate their party’s seniority system, despite the antics of their chosen candidates.
    It’s organizations like this that keep clowns like Trent Lott and John McCain in office, despite their voting records showing their leanings towards the Democrats.