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University of Chicago top ranked school for viewpoint diversity




According to the latest rankings from Heterodox Academy, some of the highest-ranked schools on the US News and World Reports list are actually among the worst when it comes to viewpoint diversity.

The University of Chicago topped the list with a score of 98, while the University of Oregon came in last with a score of just 10.



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  1. What the heck is “viewpoint diversity?” And how do we measure it?
    I remember when colleges focused on education and job training. Now it seems all about politics and a jobs program for teachers and professors. And don’t get me going on college sports.
    Often when people start talking about “divisity” it is more about dividing us rather unifying us.

  2. One of the oddball schools with diversity problems is Evergreen States College in Olympia, Washington. This was the school where students voted white people off the campus for a day.
    Who goes to that school? The answer is best understood in acceptance rates. Harvard University accepts only 5% of applicants while Evergreen accepts 97%. Basically if you can somehow fill out an application to Evergreen, you’re in!
    And the staff? One instructor is Shangrila Joshi Wynn, who self-identifies her teaching perspectives: postcolonial, critical race, feminist and Marxist. Yikes! Imagine what a conservative would have to go through in her classes.
    Shnagrila will be teaching a course called “Climate Justice.” Think I’m joshing?

  3. I can’t believe that Hillsdale College, the conservative college paradise, doesn’t top this list; in fact, it is not even in the list! Also missing are other conservative colleges like Wheaton College and Bob Jones University. I thought conservatives would be leading the way on viewpoint diversity.