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Democrat Governors Association: Rauner drove Illinois’ finances into the ground; makes middle class pay



Download-2WASHINGTON DC – The Democratic Governors Association didn't like IL GOP Governor Rauner's budget address today. Anyone surprised?

Today, Governor Bruce Rauner released another unbalanced budget that asks Illinois’ middle-class to shoulder the burden of his failed fiscal management. The Democratic Governors Association in Illinois released the following statement, attributable to Sam Salustro:

“Bruce Rauner drove the state’s finances into the ground, and he’s going to make the middle-class pay for it. Rauner’s two-year budget crisis did lasting damage to the state’s future by slashing services, driving up debt, and pushing out jobs and people. His fiscal mismanagement means Illinois’ budgets will be burdened by the billions in debt Rauner racked up. Rather than take responsibility for his failure, Rauner’s still trying to leverage the past budget crisis for his own political games.

Rauner’s fourth unbalanced budget clearly shows that Illinois’ fiscal health and economic future are worse under his failed leadership.”  


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