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New Survey Ranks Rauner One of the Most Unpopular Governors Up For Election



Most of the governors running for re-election this year ended 2017 in a strong position, according to Morning Consult’s Governor Approval Rankings.

The latest installment of the quarterly rankings — based on surveys with 253,393 registered voters nationwide conducted online from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31 — shows 10 of the 19 governors garnered the support of a majority of their constituents. (Full methodology is available here.)

Republicans control 33 of the country’s 50 governorships, and 13 of the state leaders running this year to keep their jobs hail from the GOP, including first-term Republicans in reliably blue states: Charlie Baker of Massachusetts (69 percent approval), Larry Hogan of Maryland (66 percent) and Phil Scott of Vermont (63 percent).




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  1. HEY Joe, are you brain dead, Jeanne has as much chance to be governor as Me winning the 120 Mega Million Lottery.
    Joe, and all you Jeanne/Dan Profit sycophants need to stop drinking that drug laced, grape Koolaid.
    What scares me is the ease in which any far right rumnut which can delude the right part of the Republican Party in Illinois with BIG TALK and No depth or Substance with a fair heaping of demagoguery.
    We need a good solid candidate to carry the Republican Cause (as defined in platform) rather then a Shill, Big mouth Dan Profit puppet.

  2. Moral have values. Bruce should put his money behind a real candidate for governor. Jeanne Ives has moral values.
    The National Socialist destroyed Germany. This is happening in Illinois. Our governor is supporting the National Socialist party in Illinois
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. And I suppose Mr Not In Charge, the worst rated Republican. Governor, is the good solid candidate?
    Doesn’t Rauner have any better trolls on the campaign staff?
    What scares me is when people like you say “we” as if we’re on the same team. We’re not.

  4. I’m not on the paid team Profit member as you are.
    I’m a platform Republican who may the Rauner has made mistake s but Jeanne has not the brains, temperament, where with all to be in
    In the governor’s office.
    All you koolaid drinking Profit fanboys need to fine better peappe to follow.

  5. Are you blind? If there is an audio version of this map, are you deaf, too? And are you Braille illiterate if there is, somewhere out there, a Braille version of this? Bruce is 24 points underwater!!! ANYbody besides Rauner has a better chance at this point. Jeanne is at least a good candidate, has appealing qualities and is the only Republican to present an alternative.

  6. I’ve never met Dan Proft and frankly didn’t want him to be governor when he ran a few years ago. I could also give or take Jeannie Ives.
    I do, however, hope that anybody beats Not In Charge, whether it’s Jeannie Ives (preferably) or the Fat Slob. It doesn’t matter.