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Occupational Licensing Craziness With Anastasia Boden



Anastasia Boden lays out the craziness that is occupational licensing laws.


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  1. It’s all about the licensing fees (read: TAXES.
    So-called “public safety” is secondary.
    Also, think of the bureaucratic jobs this process creates, and the money those “jobs” eat up in building costs and maintenance, test forms, etc. etc. etc.
    This is what you get when the loud Liberal element screams “The government should DO SOMETHING about this!”
    The government is all too willing to “do something,”
    and that is the root of this problem.

  2. Licensing serves the same purpose as the medieval guilds: they raise the bar to protect their own turf, enabling them to operate in collusion with one another rather than let a free market flourish. Why do you think taxi medallions are priced so outrageously in big cities?
    Licensing kills real innovation, in addition to being a cash cow for government bodies.