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Walsh backs conservatives in 35 Illinois primaries; mum on gubernatorial race



6a00d834515c5469e201bb09f29784970dMcHENRY – Once elected to the U.S. Congress during the Tea Party's 2010 reaction to a Leftist Obama Administration with Democrat majorities in both federal chambers, now-radio talk show host Joe Walsh hasn't backed away from Illinois politics

He's organized a volunteer grassroots movement that supports federal, state, county and local conservatives by knocking on doors, putting up yard signs and gathering petition signatures in key races. 

Walsh's efforts are focused on 35 Illinois races in the March 20th primary and one bid in Wisconsin.

Thus far, Walsh is staying out of any statewide races, including the primary for governor. Conservative insiders report Walsh has contemplated his own independent bid if Rauner emerges as the IL GOP nominee for the November 2018 General Election.

Walsh's radio show on WIND 560 AM is partially funded by conservative funder Richard Uihlein, and some say Uihlein could be a funding source for a Walsh campaign after the primary if conservative State Rep. Jeanne Ives loses to Rauner. In order to run as an independent in November, Walsh must not vote in the IL GOP gubernatorial primary and collect over 10,000 valid signatures. 

Candidates Endorsed by Joe Walsh for the 2018 Elections

Doug Bennett, 10th Congressional District of Illinois
James Marter, 16th Congressional District of Illinois
Joe Tirio, McHenry County Clerk 
Demetri Tsilimigras, McHenry County Judge
Chuck Wheeler, McHenry County Board District 4
Orville Brettman, McHenry County Board District 6
Ersel Schuster, McHenry County Board District 6 
Diane Evertsen, Chairman of McHenry County Republicans
David Brooks, Rich Township Committeeman   
Steve Balich, Will County Board District 7
James Mendrick, DuPage County Sheriff 
Kevin Wiley, DuPage County Board District 6
Jim Zay, DuPage County Board District 6
Kevin Tindall, Kane County Sheriff    
Stanton Bond, Kane County Clerk 
Judy Martini, Lake County Board District 5
Jeri Atleson, Lake County Board District 10 
Michael Danforth, Lake County Board District  17
Daniel Fitzgerald, Cook County Judge
Gary Seyring, Cook County Judge
Burt Minor, Illinois State Rep. District 42
Dr. Jay Kinzler, Illinois State Rep. District 46 
Tonia Khouri, Illinois State Rep. District 49
David McSweeney, Illinois State Rep. District 52 
Thomas Morrison, Illinois State Rep. District 54
Ken Idstein, Illinois State Rep, District 62 
Tom Weber, Illinois State Rep. District 64
Dan Ugaste, Illinois State Rep. District 65
Allen Skillicorn, Illinois State Rep. District 66
Mickey Straub, Illinois State Rep. District 82
Darren Bailey, Illinois State Rep. District 109
Paul Jacobs, Illinois State Rep. District 115
Dan McConchie, Illinois State Senate District 26
Col Craig Wilcox, Illinois State Senate District 32  
George Barber, Illinois State Senate District 54
Nick Polce, 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin


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  1. Maybe Joe Walsh is mad that Ives called her out over racist comments in 2014.
    Ives denounced Bill Whittle for racism.
    Ives has called out Kwame Raoul for sexism.
    Ives called out Blair Garber for racism.
    Somehow she’s been branded as a racist and sexist though, not a snowflake. Funny how politics work like that.
    Another possibility is that he’s planning on running as an independent so he doesn’t want to help Ives in the primary because he wants to be the conservative alternative in the general election. This would be indicative of Joe Walsh being a huge narcissist who puts himself over what’s best for us, which…

  2. If Joe wants to run third party in the fall if Rauner wins, he can’t do anything for Ives. He would be doing us all a favor because if Rauner wins, hundreds of thousands of loyal Republicans wouldn’t show up to vote, creating a down ballot disaster that would allow the Dems to get 60% in the legislature for a graduated income tax amendment.
    I wish Walsh would tell people how to become precinct committeemen, but at least he does get some of them to walk precincts and elect (mostly) good candidates. That’s more than Dan Proft does—like supporting Rauner in 2014 and running for Governor in 2010, making sure we go stuck with two liberal losers in 2010 and 2014. I dislike all this expensive TV for Ives, which isn’t as effective as good old grass roots, targeted radio and mail. Once again, Proft will make a bundle.