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Sanctuary policies aren’t that popular with Americans




CHICAGO – While Illinoisans defensive about the bill Governor Rauner signed into law requiring federal immigration authorities to obtain a warrant before taking into custody a person in America illegally and accused of criminal activity, others call it as they see it – "Illinois is a sanctuary state." 

It's become a key issue in the Illinois Republican Party gubernatorial primary as Rauner challenger Jeanne Ives uses the issue to pull voters away from the incumbent.

Nationally, voters aren’t enthusiastic about living in a so-called sanctuary state and tend to favor the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision this past week to sue California for protecting illegal immigrants from federal authorities.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose their state declaring itself a sanctuary state that protects illegal immigrants from the federal government. Thirty-nine percent (39%) favor such a move by their state. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure.


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  1. That’s because Americans believe in the rule of law and don’t believe law breakers should be rewarded for violating our laws. And we know the democraps are protecting law breakers to garner more votes during elections

  2. Well that’s encouraging.
    But in 1994, when I stuck my neck out to found the Illinois Citizens for Immigration Reform – an immigration control group, backed by FAIR in Washington – we could barely get a single Republican in Illinois to help us.
    Dan Proft, refused to back us and was pro-immigration, until years later, he saw that the people were against us.
    Even in socially conservative, Berwyn, the head of the Berwyn Homeowners Association, before I spoke there, said -“you’re not a racist – are you?”
    A NW suburban State Rep. told me that he couldn’t get involved – because there were now Mexican restaurants in his district. But after he lost his seat – he became an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration.
    After he was in no position to do anything about it.
    So this has built and built – and Illinois Republicans did not fight it – and now they are on the verge of extinction, as a serious political force.

  3. Sanctuary cities, or states, are illegal and against federal law, if anybody ever took the time to read the Immigration Statutes of the United States code, and I presume that the 39% who favors this fraud happens to be Slim Coleman’s open borders advocates and actual illegal aliens voting themselves which just happens to be the system ingrained in our corrupt county and state. A state which would vote an oozing Democrat such as Bruce Rauner into the governorship and call him a moderate Republican, as he forsakes his entire constituency. Instead of Sanctuary Policies they need to rename them Loony Policies.

  4. Slim Coleman – now there’s a character for you. He goes running around wearing a Catholic priest-styled Roman collar – and pandering for illegal aliens – but he just seems to have bought his priest outfit somewhere as no one has been able to establish where he is a legitimate cleric.
    When I debated him on immigration at Northeastern IL University, after I demolished him on every logical argument, all he could blurt out was, “We’ll pray for you.”
    What a charlatan! Is he really still around?

  5. Clint –
    Thanks for trying. Many of us have put our hearts and souls into conservative efforts in Illinois and it was near impossible to get conservatives to get involved. There’s a rare breed of conservatism in Illinois – it’s not like any other state. There are precious do-nothing fiefdoms and no one holds them accountable for being ineffective.
    It can be very discouraging.
    Don’t be dismayed – our only hope is that it will someday run full cycle, and the next generation will pick up the conservative mantle that’s been laying on the ground for way too long.