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Rhoads: Why So Many Leave Illinois



By Mark Rhoads - 158616687.jpg.CROP.article568-large

David Keene was born in Rockford where his father was a police officer. David is an old friend and former chairman of the NRA and the American Conservative Union. He now writes for The Washington Times.

I wanted to share David's excellent article about why so many people are moving away from Illinois. 

CLICK HERE to read his article.


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  1. The thing that makes leaving so compelling is there is so little reason to stay and that is a long term problem for Illinois. People who grow up here, might die here, except for the taxes, for no other reason than it is easier to stay in place than pick up and go. As the article pointed out those who can, are leaving. The trouble is even if you cut the taxes aqnd got the State under control there is no motivation to ever move back.
    I relocated my business to FL 5 years ago, my employees went with me. All my employees have 6 figure incomes. I have a house in IL that serves as a crash pad while I wait for my parents to live out their days, but once they are gone, I’ll be gone forever. You could eliminate the income tax, eliminate the property taxes and I still cannot imagine anyone ever moving back here. The state is toxic to wholesome people. You have gay marriage, forced tax payer funding of abortion, sanctuary cities, transgendered bathroom nonsense, liberal schools, gun control fanatics, a leftist culture, and illegal aliens everywhere.
    The question IL faces is how are they going to attract anything other than welfare recipients in the future? Who is their right mind would want to move here? My children are leaving the state and taking their 6 figure incomes with them, they will settle and raise families in other states. IL troubles are just beginning.

  2. Since 1980 The White population has declined by over 1,000,000 people. Since 1990 California has 2,000,000 less Whites.
    Is race and the increasing takeover of 3rd world populations at the ballot box the only reason?
    No, but it is significant and it is very rare that any politician or anyone in the MSM will state it.
    And if you point out this reality, data only, your post and you will probably be banned at sites like PBS or ABC or at the state level Rich Miller’s Capitolfax.
    P.S. Go to Miller’s site and have some fun with the liberals who dominater that site. But be prepared!

  3. Well at least we know the entrenched 2 party $y$tem with no term limit$ doe$n’t have anything to do with the billion$ of debt and the underfunded pension$, not
    to mention the $anctuary $tate or taxpayer funded abortion$.
    God ble$$ Amerika (or how can he continue to?)