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Skillicorn steps up to defend Trump fan blocked out of House race



Shane Bouvet, his father and President Trump at the White House in February, 2018

EAST DUNDEE – State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) is unhappy with the Sangamon County Republicans who, he says, discouraged a Republican from challenging a Democrat House incumbent in November.

"Do you know Shane Bouvet? If not, you should," Skillicorn asked in statement sent out Thursday. Bouvet met President Trump after the President was moved by Bouvet's story as a Trump campaign volunteer. 

"President Trump met with the struggling single father to thank him for his ardent support, and not merely with words, but with a check for $10,000," Skillicorn said. 

Skillicorn said Bouvet – an Illinois resident – is "fed up with crony politics." Bouvet wants to drain the swamp of state government that is drowning its citizens in the depths of taxation and regulation, Skillicorn said.

"He is a leading member of the silent majority in our great state bringing new people and new ideas to bear. Not that there aren’t barriers to overcome, even in the Party of the President," Skillicorn said. "Desiring to run against an incumbent Democrat, Bouvet stepped forward, but the Illinois GOP establishment isn’t interested. Well I am."

Skillicorn said he is "proud to stand" with Bouvet and together call upon the Republican establishment to recognize the change that is in their midst.

"It is time to embrace Shane and others like him, such as Mark Shaw for the next Chairman of the Illinois Republicans to lead our Grand Old Party into a new era and Make Illinois Great Again!" Skillicorn said.


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  1. I do not know the principals involved here – but this just sounds so typical of the IL GOP.
    A Republican County organization discouraging a conservative from taking on a liberal Dem. Sounds like your typical IL one party combine operation.
    Just like the fact that supposed IL Republican Congressmen, Mike Bost and Adam Kinzinger, today signed a discharge petition to try and help resuscitate the DACA illegal amnesty. Which even if should somehow pass the House and Senate, will certainly be vetoed by President Trump.
    With “Republicans” like this, do we really even need Democrats?

  2. This is an example of an Illinois politician not doing his research- first shane is not a resident of sangamon county, he is a resident of Christian county. Second you must vote in a primary to get the nomination from the party. Shane didn’t vote in fact in any primary election ever!

  3. The point MUST BE MADE though that Rosemary Long, the Sangamon County Republican Party Chairman is a Dictator and NO ONE will stand up to her. She is tied to Bruce Rauner, or should I say BOUGHT OFF by Bruce Rauner!
    Rosemary Long is the OLD GUARD. She is a TYRANT and with people like her, The Illinois Republican Party is doomed.

  4. Nobody has done their homework on this guy. Not the Washington Post, the President or anyone else who’s reported on him. He rarely tells the truth and repeatedly plays the victim to manipulate others. I urge Representative Skillcorn to pay attention and it won’t take long for him to figure Bouvet out too!