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Chicago seriously considers burdening Illinois taxpayers with $500 per month UBI gift to 1000 families



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Technology is going to take away human jobs – so we need to be more "imaginative" in our social arrangements, former President Barack Obama said Tuesday in a speech. That means we need to consider "universal income," he said. 

That endorsement had to be music to the ears of former gubernatorial Democrat candidate and racially-Leftist Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar, who has successfully gathered over 35 co-sponsors on a measure that would make Chicago the largest US city to set up a universal basic income pilot program. Since there are 50 aldermen on the city council, the measure looks like it will soon become public policy and 1000 Chicago families will be getting a check for $500 a month for free. That's if Mayor Rahm Emanuel warms up to the idea. It's fairly certain Illinois taxpayers won't.

And though the alderman won't say it, Illinois taxpayers will be footing the bill. It won't be sold that way, but since taxpayers statewide sooner or later end up bailing Chicago out of any and all financial challenges (self-inflicted or otherwise), that's exactly what will happen.

And despite ever-increasing property tax bills, the city is $71 Billion in debt and digging a deeper hole daily – with $40 Billion in pension debt. The city's schools are subsidized by the state, but their performance worsens. 

Still, Barack Obama wants it, so in Chicago, UBI (Universal Basic Income) is good. Where's the "Fight for $15" per hour protesters when you need 'em??


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  1. Why not at this point. Better to give the productive people a shove out the door and start over elsewhere than to slow boil them to death. Let the liberals and minorities tax and destroy each other.

  2. Even those who are not Socialists and really don’t have any political philosophy, and many of these 3rd people fall into that category, soon learn that Democrats will take from those who pay federal income taxes and give it to them.