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Lefties complain Bellock’s too pro-life and pro-family to direct health and family services



DownloadCHICAGO – While GOP Platform Republicans in Illinois are convinced they have been abandoned by the state party's main financier Governor Bruce Rauner, Party chief Tim Schneider and unofficial party spokesperson Pat Brady, the ever Left-shifting Democrats now have a new complaint against the governor. 

Rauner is "insincere" and "waffles" on the abortion issue because, well, he appointed retiring State Rep. Patti Bellock to direct the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, complains JB Pritzker's teammate Juliana Stratton.

Poor Governor Rauner – he and his wife have donated thousands and thousands of dollars to abortion provider Planned Parenthood, he signed into law a measure forcing Illinois taxpayers to pay for abortions for any reason, and the same law he lauded protects the right to abortion if Roe vs Wade is overturned. 

That's still not pro-abortion enough, the Left insists, because Rep. Bellock has a solid pro-life voting record. The nerve of having someone pro-life, pro-health and pro-family heading up the Department of Healthcare and Human Services! 

The radical Leftist anti-Rauner screed was picked up by the new POLITICO Illinois daily newsletter writer Shia Kapos Wednesday morning. First, Kapos quoted Stratton's complaint about Bellock:

'When she was in the General Assembly, she consistently voted no on issues related to reproductive health,' said Stratton, also a state lawmaker. 'The fact that the governor would appoint someone who voted 'no' on HB40 and has a consistent record on voting against bills promoting reproductive health sends a clear message that the governor doesn't intend to implement HB40.'

Then Kapos picked up on it, making it clear that Kapos will not be an impartial political as her predecessor POLITICO writer Natasha Korecki was in conveying Illinois political news. Kapos took up Democrat Stratton's tune and chimed in with her own complaints against Bellock:

That's true. Along with voting against HB40, then-Assemblywoman Bellock over the years voted against requiring healthcare workers to discuss abortion as a health option, against stem-cell research, against allowing minors to obtain an abortion with parental consent, against health-insurance plans to cover birth control and against expanding sex education curriculum.

Yep, she's just too life- and family-oriented to be an acceptable director of health and family services.

In case Illinois social conservatives thought POLITICO was a place they could go for somewhat impartial political news for Illinois, well, sorry, folks. That era's over.  

And poor Governor Rauner and the Leftist Republicans running the state party… Politically these days, they really are in no man's land in Illinois.

And so are social conservatives.


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