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Illinois taxpayer-funded abortions increase at least 274 percent in first six months of 2018




Illinois taxpayers paid for nearly four times more abortions in the first six months of 2018 than the year before and one state lawmakers expects the total number to eventually be much larger.

Records of the number of abortion reimbursement requests Illinois News Network obtained through an open records request from the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services showed 84 abortions from January to June last year. The same time period this year, there were 314 abortions. That’s a 274 percent increase of taxpayer-funded abortions.

State Rep. Peter Breen, who opposed taxpayer-funded abortions, said the state law he’s challenging in the courts that went into effect Jan. 1 is the cause for the spike.



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  1. Thanks for nothing Rauner…. Chicago used to fund abortions for their residents… but Rauner butt kissed tiny dancer Rhambo, Rauner made it so we downstaters are now funding the Chicago’s unborn baby murdering. Lying Rauner, Madigan’s handpicked governor stabs us in the back again.

  2. Remember during the Nam era, when the left would great our returning boys with the chant of “baby killers”? At one time that was suppose to be an insult to the leftists, now women proudly talk about the number of children they slaughtered in their own womb.