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Gov Rauner tells conservatives why they should vote for him in November



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SPRINGFIELD – What's Governor Rauner's message to Illinois conservatives so unhappy about how he ignored the IL GOP platform on several crucial issues during his first term?  He finally answered the million dollar question succinctly on Wednesday during a press conference at the State Fair.

"Republicans now need to come together," Rauner said. "We can have issues where we can disagree, and by the way, I'm adamantly against illegal immigration and we are not a sanctuary state, and we'll never be one. I oppose that. But, you know what? We gotta unite.

"This is the time for everybody to come together. It's not only Republicans, it's independent voters, it's Democrats that actually want a good future for their children and grandchildren. We can have our differences on policy issues, but what really matters is that we don't give total control to Madigan, his machine, funded by Pritzker. More corruption, higher taxes, more job losses. That's what they'll bring. We've gotta fight against that."

He didn't like the idea that some conservatives are promoting Rauner as "lesser than two evils." 

During the 10 minute press conference recorded by Illinois One, he congratulated Trump's policies on cutting taxes, cutting red tape on business regulations and promoting fair trade. 

It's a must-listen if you want to know where we're headed in the next 80 days leading up to November's election.


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  1. “We can have issues where we can disagree, and by the way, I’m adamantly against illegal immigration and we are not a sanctuary state, and we’ll never be one. I oppose that. But, you know what? We gotta unite.”
    So in other words, we should vote for you because you exist in some alternate reality where you’re “adamantly against illegal immigration”, instead of the real world where you rubber stamp everything the Democrats hand you to help illegals.

  2. I’m adamantly against illegal immigration and we are not a sanctuary state, and we’ll never be one.
    What did Goebbels about telling a lie often enough?
    He may want to inform the rest of the country this is not a sanctuary state. If we are not a sanctuary state, what would a sanctuary state look like? How would it be any different than it is here, now? Everybody else in the country is badly misinformed if this is not a sanctuary state.
    what really matters is that we don’t give total control to Madigan
    So, we can have differences about taxpayers paying to slaughter babies, but Mike Madigan better not get control, like he has had for at least the last sixteen years.
    This guy is a billionaire.
    More corruption, higher taxes, more job losses. That’s what they’ll bring.
    Taxes are higher now than they were when Rauner took office. More jobs have left the state. The state has lost the population the size of the town of Palatine.
    What world is this guy living in? He’s already giving us what he says they’ll bring.
    I can’t wait until this guy is publicly humiliated in November.

  3. I’m adamantly against illegal immigration and we are not a sanctuary state, and we’ll never be one.
    Really you lying sack-of_ _ _ _. Then a Governor why have you not put the hammer down on Chciago, Aurora, Elgin, Joliet, and Rockford? How about withholding state funding. Is bailing gout the Chicago School District how you force federal immigration compliance on a rogue sanctuary city? How about dealing with in-state tuition for illegal aliens (a clear violation of Federal law).
    Every time a illegal alien murders someone, rapes someone, it is on you Brucie, the worst governor Illinois has ever had, with leadership from Diana’s behind.

  4. It’s very important that Conservative not vote for Rauner. If they vote for Rauner there is absolutely NO incentive for any Republican to listen to Conservatives on any issue. They will make themselves irrelevant if they vote for Rauner.

  5. … and he couldn’t get through the first paragraph without lying. Sheesh.
    He also didn’t give his winning proposition. He doesn’t like being labeled the lesser of two evils, but that is exactly the argument he gives. He tells us that it’s either him or we get JB and Madigan. He doesn’t tell the vote what he brings to the table.
    That’s the only thing he has been honest about. He brought nothing, and has nothing to offer. If you really want reform in Illinois, if you really believe that a REAL effort to save the state must be made, then you can’t reward Rauner’s bad behavior with your vote. You can’t let him retain the pursestrings of the ILGOP and the yes-men that he buys. All you will get is more of the same. You’ll get more “Madigan, Madigan, Madigan” whining and no plan to save the state. You’ll get more speeches about how we need to elect more republicans to Springfield while the ILGOP runs only just enough candidates so that they need every single one to win to gain a majority. A vote for Rauner is a vote for continuing the fraud that is today’s Illinois Republican Party.

  6. Holding steady at around 30: https://www.illinoispoliticsblog.com/single-post/PRITZKER-LEADS-RAUNER-BY-11-POINTS-IN-LATEST-ILLINOIS-POLL-PritzkerE28099s-lead-down-from-15-points-six-weeks-ago
    Polled, 32% of residents say he deserves reelection, 57% say he doesn’t. Who knows how many Republicans he causes to lose this fall. You can bet he’ll blame POTUS, conservatives and Southern Illinois though instead of himself and his wife. He’s an asterisk.

  7. Re Joe’s poll post,
    How the kittens can this punk only be behind J.B>by 11 points. Fat boy, as undesirable as he is, should be mopping he floor with him. I keep hoping for Obama vs Keyes type of margins. McCann and Jackson must not be making any traction 🙁
    I think a good and somewhat realistic result would be:
    Jackson 9%
    McCann 23%
    Pritzker 53%
    Rauner 17%

  8. Well beyond that, Rauner and his North Shore wife, Diana, have been major financial contributors to the Illinois illegal alien lobby.
    What kind of chumps do they think we are?
    See this:
    No Illinois Republican should vote to re-elect Bruce Rauner.
    And all Illinois Republicans should vote to dump any GOP County or Township committeemen – or office holders – who endorse him.
    The GOP in Illinois doesn’t seem to realize what a huge storm is brewing here – because of Rauner’s betrayal!

  9. From the poll Joe furnished:
    The first term Governor, who faced a contentious conservative challenger in the primary in State Representative Jeanne Ives, has not completely won over conservative voters back to his side. Among self-identified conservative voters, barely half (52.4%) say he deserves to be re-elected.
    I am astounded. 52% of self identified conservative would vote fro this P.O.S.? What the kittens is wrong with these people?
    Rauner gouged conservatives in the eyes, kicked them in the groin, spit in their face and yet some of them would vote for him? Have they no pride, no self-respect?

  10. It’s at the point where a vote for Rauner is a wasted vote. The fat slob is going to win anyway. Might as well vote for McCann or Jackson instead of wasting your vote on Rauner the Cartoon Character.

  11. his campaing slogan is ridiculous. Do you know ay conservative or any moral person or even a decent person that actually thinks Illinois is there home? It occurs to me any decent person has felt they are living in a hostile foreign land, one that is antithetical to the values they hold dear. There is nothing worth fighting over in Illinois, especially Bruce Rauner.