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Half of America wants Trump impeachment proceedings to begin



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An ABC News/Washington Post poll posted Friday reveals that half of Americans believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

It won’t be a Republican House majority that gets that rolling. So will the threat get Republicans to the polls to protect that majority?

The poll found that 49 percent of Americans want impeachment proceedings against Trump to begin. This includes 15 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of Democrats, and 49 percent of independents.


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  1. Who would ever believe a Washington Post/ABC poll? Both of them are purveyors of fake news. And now we are to believe that a poll published by such deplorable news entities isn’t but one of the ways the Left uses to demoralize conservative voters. It won’t work. The Left must think conservatives are stupid. This is a big mistake!

  2. It’s an “ABC” poll so it is FAKE NEWS.
    Where did they do the polling, in Chicago, New York, or Seattle? Were the Republicans polled all RINOS? Who paid for poll? Who paid to promote the poll. Which P.R. firm was paid to promote?
    Like I said, it’s all fake news. #notmymedia

  3. An “ABC NEWS/Washingon Post poll?”
    Who with even HALF a brain would believe any poll conducted by THOSE lefties? Any poll they take is likely to be rigged.
    They are known, proven purveyors of fake news and outright lies.

  4. I’m surprised the previous commenters have trouble believing that half of the American people are not complete idiots.
    Look at the inner city Obama voters, for example. Or the majority snowflakes on any college campus. Romney got raked over the coals for mentioning the “47%”. I would be willing to bet the farm that number has grown and those people have the collective IQ of a dumpster. Half of them voted for the vile Clinton.
    I’m surprised the number isn’t higher. Nobody ever went bankrupt betting against the intelligence of the American people.

  5. You can’t capitalize correctly or punctuate correctly and have the cojones to call other people idiots, thereby proving my point about the stupid Obama voters.
    (FYI – the first letter of a sentence is always capitalized in the English language. Also, we don’t end sentences with commas.)